Caitlyn Jenner appears with hand in cast amid injury as fans rush to support her

Caitlyn Jenner has taken to Instagram to inform her fans about a recent injury and concerned followers flocked to the comments to leave messages of support.

The 72-year-old wore a grey marled sports top with long sleeves and a half zip while she addressed the camera, her brunette hair worn over her shoulders as she explained why she was wearing a brace.

Sat in a kitchen, Caitlyn addressed the camera: “If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I just haven’t been able to play golf, I’ve been travelling, this and that, but the worst part is right here.”

She then gestured toward her hand in the cast, knocked on it and continued to talk.

She said: “That little finger right there, that’s because of – see that sweet and adorable little dog down there? Jumped into the car, hit my finger, literally twisted it around and broke my finger. Now, I’ve got to have this on for a couple of weeks. It’s killing my golf game!”

In the video, the former reality star showed viewers her hand brace which held two of her fingers together.

Caitlyn also pointed towards a black dog who was laid peacefully on the floor, unaware of the pain it had caused the star.

Jenner informed her fans in the caption: “If it’s not one thing, it’s another! I broke my finger after three weeks on the road!”

Worried fans left messages in the comments and in hopes to lift the former athlete’s spirits.

One of them complimented her and said she “still looks gorgeous,” while another urged her to “heal quickly”.

“Get some rest,” wrote one follower.

Another concerned viewer added: “Get well soon, darling,” and posted a red heart emoji.

Caitlyn has recently announced her candidacy for governor of California and plans to run as a Republican with a team of some of Donald Trump’s aides.

On her website, Caitlyn for California, she wrote a note addressed to Californians and assured them that she is “hopeful for the future” of the US state.

She also wrote that she is “optimistic” because she “knows just how capable residents are of making a brighter future a reality”.

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