Celeb bodyguard shares issue he faced protecting Michael Jackson and huge pay

Celebrity bodyguard Simon Newton has given the lowdown on what it's really like to protect the world's biggest stars.

The bodyguard turned fashion designer turned actor has worked with huge names such as Michael Jackson to Kendall Jenner.

Here, he tells Daily Star what the main differences are between jobs and the nightmare of looking after the king of pop.

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Simon explained: "In every other job since then, I've always worked on my own, you don't normally get one person on the job unless you're like Beyonce or Drake, but all the people I was with it is usually just me.

"However, there were five of us for Michael Jackson. It was just constant, even police officers wanted to talk to him, they were meant to be keeping the crowd back but they were chatting with him as well.

"Any time he left the hotel it was just full-on, all the time, we had cars following us all the time, and fans hired black cabs for the day and left them on a meter all day to follow him."

He continued: "You couldn't do anything or go anywhere without constantly thinking bout how you were going to do it. Quite often doing things quickly, it was a constant fuss."

Simon also shared the biggest threat to the stars and how he would handle it.

The security pro said: "The biggest threat for any of them is crowds, with overzealous fans and crowd management, if anyone was to get hurt by accident it would just be because of too many people in one place. I've always managed a tight ship so it doesn't happen.

"I hadn't ever worked with the Kardashians as a family, I only ever worked with Kendall on the fashion side of things, so if I'd worked with Kendall she was visiting a fashion show or some kind of meet and greet at a store, so it was all very work related for the model girls, same with the singers like Rita Ora, she'd be playing at the arenas too.

"Because most of them don't live in the UK, they have their full-time team in the States, so they get to do more of the day-to-day living stuff with them, so whenever they come here, they just need a UK bodyguard to look after them who is licensed.

"The biggest thing about it is the hours you put in, you have to be awake before they are and asleep after they are, if you're doing an airport pick up, it's up early and you could be busy all day, then do night clubs until four in the morning and you could bang out a 20-hour shift.

"It depends on who they are and if they're acting and filming they do particularly long days anyways, and they could be on set from 4.30 in the morning and come off at 10.30 at night, so the hours can be horrendous at times."

Simon also revealed that the typical price rundown for a 12-hour day is anything between £350 – £650 a day, with overtime charges per hour.


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