Chanelle Hayes unveils 7st weight loss in plunging top after gastric band op

Big Brother icon Chanelle Hayes has revealed an incredible 7.5 stone weight loss transformation after receiving gastric band surgery.

The 33-year-old TV star went in for a gastric sleeve operation back in August last year after her "addiction to food" ended up "spiralling" during the first Coronavirus lockdown.

Taking to Instagram, the reality star has opened up to her fans about her gruelling weight loss journey and how she's enjoying her new weight loss in the sunny weather.

Uploading an inspiring side-by-side comparison photo on Instagram, the reality star penned: "I have definitely enjoyed the hot weather much more this year.

"Losing so much body fat has made the heat enjoyable instead of unbearable.

"Plus, this summer I can actually fit down the treehouse slide which Frankie has loved because I can actually play with him this year. (Blakeley still maintains I am uncool and embarrassing regardless of whether I can fit down the slide or not lol)."

Although she's gutted about not being able to jet off on holidays abroad this year, Chanelle appears to be really happy to be sporting her new look in Yorkshire.

She continued: "No holidays abroad for us this year anymore, but Costa del Yorkshire is good enough for us. We had Turkey and Mexico cancelled… what about you guys? The diff in weight between these pics is 106lbs and dress sizes are 18 and 10 (uk)".

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In the first photo, Chanelle can be seen at size 18 wearing a summery blue and purple dress.

In her most recent snap she's wearing a tight-fitting black top – the size 10 – and she's looking delighted with her new figure and chic glasses.

Mother-of-two Chanelle looks after her sons Blakeley, 10, and Frankie, 3.

the mum rose to television fame after appearing on Channel 4's Big Brother in 2007 at the age of 19, where she was rocking a very trim physique.

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The star explained it was her second pregnancy that caused her weight to soar, as well as the stress of moving house.

Chanelle gained weight after stints of dieting and struggling to combat her 'bad' habits.

She says her blood pressure rocketed and she was suffering from a racing heart rate.

The star previously revealed how she weighed over 17 stone at her largest, but now weighs "inside the nine stones".

In her before-and-after snap, her first photo shows Chanelle at her biggest with her arms spread out wearing a black summer dress.

In the more recent photo, she's striking a confident pose for the camera looking all glammed up in a leopard-print skirt.

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In the caption, she writes: "So I hit a personal goal recently and now weigh back inside the 9 stones! But not everything is about what it says on the scales…

"In the first pic on the left I didn’t even know my weight because I didn’t want to… Although I know it was around 17 stone as I had surgery not too long from that pic (I took that picture to use as inspiration to get healthy again).

"What I do know is that I couldn’t walk up the stairs that day and opted for the escalator on that trip. I also had to put talc under my boobs, in between my thighs and under my upper arms to stop the rashes I would get from chafing.

"I avoided every mirror or reflection and generally did not care about or like myself very much. On the right pic, I still get nervous around my reflection in case I see the person I was before who was so desperately unhappy and I still get under boob chafes, but I feel so proud to post myself looking and feeling confident and healthy again."

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