Denise Welch quits Twitter after Piers Morgan savagely brands her ‘deluded’

Loose Women star Denise Welch has decided to quit Twitter after she and Piers Morgan locked horns following an difference of opinion regarding Covid-19.

The 62-year-old TV legend was branded a "covidiot" by the controversial Good Morning Britain host as their furious fight reached boiling point.

Piers, who has been incredibly vocal about his growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus has often used his ITV platform to air his views, condemning anyone who dared to break or bending the rules, including government officials.

Denise has also been vocal about the need for people to follow the rules, however, she has accused the media of over-dramatising the dangers of the deadly virus and has hit out at "scaremongering".

After airing her views she found herself in the firing line of outspoken Piers, who claimed she was "dumb, deluded and dangerous".

Following a war of words, Denise decided enough was enough and decided to take a step back from the social media platform.

She wrote: "I hope I've helped balance the fear the media seems determined to continue.

"Just look at the data, ask questions and look after your loved ones.

"I'm on Instagram denise_welch."

Denise was met with an outpouring of support from her fans, following her goodbye post.

One supporter penned: "I've stopped looking at the media. Just looking at your Twitter feed for accurate information.

"Thanks for putting your head above the water and challenging the information that was getting delivered to us. Very much appreciate."

Denise's decision to step back from Twitter comes after Piers hit out at the actress online over the past few days.

The social media war heated up, after Piers shared the Director of the Wellcome Trust Jeremy Farrar attaching a stark warning that French Covid intensive care cases were on the up.

Fuelling the fire again, he captioned: "You can either listen to deluded D-list celebrities like Denise Welch about coronavirus, or this guy who is one of the most brilliant medical/scientific minds in the world. I suggest the latter."

Piers Morgan and Denise initially went to battle following her appearance on This Morning after she had suggested that the pandemic had been exaggerated.

Her thoughts on the matter seemed to rattle the cage of Piers, who tweeted: "Memo to all Covidiot deniers and sceptics, and those who only want to hear 'positive news' about the pandemic even when the news is concerning: stop following me & follow Professor Denise Welch instead.

"Your mind-numbingly complacent ignorance is damaging my mental health."

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