Divorce Lawyer Explains Why Kanye Needs To Answer Kim’s Calls

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s divorce is getting complicated. At the moment, Kim and Kayne are not on speaking terms. According to Page Six, Kanye cut off all communication with Kim, with the legendary rap star going as far as to change his phone number so his ex cannot reach him! Yet, while Kanye might not want to speak to Kim, divorce lawyer Christina Previte told Nicki Swift why Kayne needs to answer Kim’s calls.

Previte, the co-founder of New Jersey Divorce Solutions, has specialized in divorce and family law since 2004. Previte admits that emotions can run high during a divorce, but the court expects parents to work together.

According to Previte, “The court will always expect parents to be somewhat amicable to be able to co-parent. By refusing to take Kim’s calls and requiring her to communicate through his security team, Kanye is not demonstrating that he is making every effort to successfully co-parent with Kim. It seems more like an aggressive posture and an unreasonable one. If Kanye was my client, I would advise him to make every effort to communicate with Kim about parenting issues directly, even if it’s by text or email. I would suggest using security as a conduit for communication simply looks petty and will not make a good impression on the court.”

Of course, the former couple shares four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Keep scrolling to learn more from this divorce and family law attorney on why Kanye needs to communicate with Kim.

Is Kanye West trying to woo Kim Kardashian back by not taking her calls?

New Jersey divorce lawyer Christina Previte says rapper Kanye West’s extreme behavior of cutting off contact with Kim Kardashian will not help him when it comes to divorce proceedings. Previte explained to Nicki Swift, “What’s interesting to me is that there have been reports that Kanye is taking the divorce hard and is still hopeful for a reconciliation. However, it’s perplexing that he would try to woo Kim back by not taking her phone calls!”

Previte continued, “This is not unheard of in divorce when emotions are high, and particularly for the person who did not initiate the divorce, people’s actions are often the result of fear and heartbreak.” The celebrity couple has been open about Kanye’s bipolar diagnosis, and Previte notes that this will not impact his rights as a parent.

According to Previte, “Regardless of his [bipolar] diagnosis, he still has parental rights equal to Kim’s. That means he has a right to access to his children, a right to participate in major decision making with respect to the children’s general welfare, which is not dependent on his bipolar diagnosis. She added, “It also appears from various reports in the media that Kim is allowing him open access to the children. So long as he can maintain a safe environment for the children, that should continue.”

In the end, the New Jersey family law and divorce lawyer hopes the celebrity couple can make things work. Previte said, “I would suggest Kanye utilize the grand romantic gestures towards Kim that he has in the past — and start by taking her calls.”

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