Elvis Presley ‘alive’: ‘Eyewitness sighting’ claims King left Graceland on a HELICOPTER

Elvis Presley was a unique icon. His fans worshipped the ground he walked on, and he was producing new music and content for them until he died. When he died, Elvis’ fans were not convinced he had sung his last song.

In fact, people became convinced that Presley wasn’t actually dead at all.

A number of conspiracies popped up suggesting the King of Rock N Roll was actually alive.

Instead, fans believed the King actually faked his death for a number of possible reasons without any real evidence.

Since then, a number of conspiracies have been penned online, suggesting the King is really alive and well.

One person believed the conspiracy inherently was former police officer Monte Nicholson.

Monte worked in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for 19 years.

Monte spoke out in the 1990 documentary “The Elvis Files”, which detailed a number of reasons suggesting Presley could have been alive at the time of recording.

The former officer explained that he was approached by a man who worked with the King up until his death.

During the documentary Monte explained: “One day, he showed up at work and had pictures of Elvis Presley getting in a helicopter which looked like a government helicopter.

“There were men surrounding Elvis that looked like government agents.

“The curious thing about this picture is this individual claimed it was taken several hours after Elvis allegedly died at Graceland.”

If this is in any way true, it would prove that Elvis didn’t actually die when the official announcement claimed he did.

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But it would also be endlessly confusing as to why he was actually skulking away on a helicopter.

Many rumours have suggested Presley was involved with the FBI, and was actually placed in a witness protection program.

Other rumours have suggested he made cameo appearances in films, such as 1990 film Home Alone.

During the film, Macauley Culkin is left behind – home alone – as his parents fly to France without him.

But during the scene which sees Culkin’s on-screen mother trying to buy another ticket to the U.S.A., a man behind her looks strikingly like the King.

Since then, fans have suggested this could have actually been Elvis all along.

But if Elvis were trying to steer clear from anything public, why would he have been involved in a film?

Or could he have been looking to make some sort of reappearance in a big way?

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