Emily Andre would make Mary Poppins look dodgy, says body language expert

A top body language expert has dubbed Peter Andre’s wife Emily “angelic” after her appearance on Loose Women, claiming the NHS doctor would make Mary Poppins look dodgy.

The 32-year-old was discussing her new book project on the lunchtime television show on Monday just days after Pete's ex-wife Katie Price directed a now-deleted scathing social media rant at the mum-of-two.

Citing Emily as “understated and tasteful,” body language expert Judi James has joined the debate saying the row seems to have had no impact on Emily whatsoever.

"Emily’s body language would make Mary Poppins look dodgy. Her eyes are rounded in an expression of constant openness and her calm, sweet symmetric smile looked pleasant and authentic,” Judy told The Mirror.

"There were no signs of any lurking resentments in the wake of Katie’s post, which was never brought up as a subject."

Former glamour model Katie launched into a blistering outburst which she shared to her Story on Sunday, alongside the cover of a magazine which Emily gave an interview to about parenting in a blended family.

An enraged Katie made a series of allegations throughout the post, including a claim that Emily prevented her daughter Princess from visiting her during her rehab stint at The Priory.

Katie, 43, also called the mum-of-two a "disgusting person".

"Whether she has grounds for her gripes or not, Katie must surely realise she has bitten off a little more than even she can chew when it comes to the angelic-looking woman that Pete refers to lovingly as ‘Em’.” Judy added.

"Appearing on Loose Women, NHS doctor Emily spoke about her apparently idyllic 10-year marriage to Pete and offered parenting advice based on her book that helps girls going through puberty.

"Everything about Emily looked understated and tasteful, from her immaculate home office background to her natural fresh-faced beauty and her long, gleaming hair.”

Katie – who shares children Junior and Princess Andre with Emily's husband Peter – accused the doctor of “being jealous” of the relationship she has with her eldest daughter, blasting: "My mouth has been shut for so long but I've had enough of people selling stories on me and particularly this so called woman @dr_emily_official.

“Always said I don't want to be famous yet doesn't do too bad to stay away from media and TV and now trying to make a career out of it.”

She also accused Emily of using her children to make money.

"So cringe she has used my children to make money in photo shoots yet covers her own children's faces up!" added Katie.

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