'Frustrated' Miley Cyrus Apologizes to Fans for Plastic Hearts Being Unavailable on Release Date

Miley Cyrus is standing in solidarity with her fans.

Two days after the pop star released her album, Plastic Hearts, she responded to fans on Twitter who noticed that physical copies weren't going to be in stock until December, affecting her first-week sales.

"My Target shipment got delayed for dec 15 … so it doesn't count for first week sales," wrote one fan, while another said, "No stores within 35 minutes of me have any copies & I live in atlanta that's insane."

Cyrus, 28, retweeted a post that displayed various fans' troubles, beginning her reply, "My fans are everything to me & to know y'all are disappointed when going out to stores/calling/checking stock to be let down I am equally/if not more frustrated."

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She went on to explain of the snafu, saying, "When choosing 11/27 THE SUGGESTED DATE for album release my team and I were never told major retailers don't stock physical albums on Black Friday and won't get copies of PH until a few weeks after release."

"The packaging of the record is intimate, honest, and a visual reflection of the sound of my new record that I am so proud of," Cyrus continued. "It was created BY ME personally at home making art FOR YOU. I want it in your hands!"

The singer ended her note by saying that despite her frustration, she has "outgrown blame," as she considers it "a waste of time & energy."

"This album was a labor of love and nothing can sabotage my admiration for the record my collaborators & I have created," Cyrus wrote, signing off with, "xxMC" and a skull-and-bones emoji.

Plastic Hearts — the latest addition to Cyrus' discography, marking her seventh studio album — was released at midnight on Friday.

Featuring a slew of new songs, the LP also includes collaborations with rock legend Billy Idol, who joins Cyrus on "Night Crawling," as well as Joan Jett, who sings on "Bad Karma." Previously released singles "Midnight Sky" and "Prisoner" with Dua Lipa are also on Plastic Hearts, alongside Cyrus' live covers of "Heart of Glass" (originally performed by Blondie) and "Zombie" (by The Cranberries), as well as her "Midnight Sky" and "Edge of Seventeen" mashup with Stevie Nicks.

Following the release of the album, Cyrus shared a heartfelt message of gratitude to fans on social media.

"My PLASTIC HEART is overwhelmed by the support I'm receiving tonight! I was f—ing born to make the record I've just released," she tweeted on Friday. "To my fans who have been here from the beginning, I appreciate you more than I can properly articulate. To anyone I've ever loved or lost, THANK YOU."

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