Jay-Z’s Kim Kardashian Line On DMX’s New Album Has Fans Confused

DMX’s new album, “Exodus,” was released on May 28 and has already received stellar reviews from fans and critics alike. The posthumous project features an array of popular artists — from to Nas, The LOX, and Snoop Dogg, to Moneybagg Yo, Alicia Keys, and U2’s Bono. Still, there’s one particular guest appearance that has caught people off guard.

On “Bath Salts,” DMX and Jay-Z unite for the first time since the 1990s. The track originally included an additional verse from Jadakiss, and was supposed to appear on Swizz Beatz’s solo album, “Poison.” But then he decided to give it to DMX. “I knew that track was special,” Beatz told GQ in May. “I didn’t want to get hyped up because people wanted it [if I] didn’t have the right outlet or the reason to put it out. An X album is a better reason to put it out.”

And so, it ended up on DMX’s “Exodus.” In the song, Jay-Z boasts about his status and seems to give a surprise shout out to none other than Kim Kardashian … leaving some of his fans totally confused.

Jay-Z says Kim Kardashian is the 'queen of come up'

In his verse on DMX’s “Bath Salts,” Jay-Z compares himself to Zamunda’s Prince Akeem and invites women to be his “queen of come up” … seemingly referring to Kim Kardashian. “I’m the King of Zamunda, uh, King of the Summer / Come be my Kardashian, queen of the come up.” Fans caught the line almost immediately, and many shared their feelings about Jay’s line.

Some people think the Kardashian line is a sneak diss and seem to be enjoying Jay-Z’s messy side. “‘Come be my Kardashian, queen of the come up’, nothing at all wrong with that line, look at Kim’s history – Jay-Z spoke nothing but facts,” one person tweeted. “Jay-Z messssyyyyy,” another person wrote.

Meanwhile, others cannot understand why Jay-Z is thinking about Kardashian when he’s married to Beyoncé, “Jay-Z rapping ‘Come be my kardashian’ when he got BEYONCÈ at home..” Someone else even pointed out that Jay-Z did not mention Kardashian until her divorce from Kanye West, who is currently at odds with him … making things that all the more interesting. “Whats funny is Jay-Z not going to the wedding then saying ‘Come be my Kardashian’ on the new DMX album after Ye and Kim split.” 

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