Jennifer Aniston cut people out of her life who refused to get Covid vaccine

Jennifer Aniston has revealed she has “lost a few people in her life” after some of her friends refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

As a passionate advocate for the fight against the coronavirus, the Friends star, 52, has now cut ties with anti-vaxxers and those who “just don’t listen to facts” when it comes to health.

Although she prefaced that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” the blonde bombshell believes it is “your moral and professional obligation” to get vaccinated when you can.

Speaking to InStyle, Jennifer admitted that she has kept a constant eye on Covid related news throughout the pandemic as she eagerly waited for “something hopeful” to come.

But like the rest of the world, even the Hollywood actress had to turn off the news at a certain point to stop herself from tuning in to “more insanity.”

She explained to the publication: “I’ve really had to stop [keeping it on too much]. We all went through news fatigue, panic fatigue, during the pandemic because we were hoping one day we would wake up and hear something hopeful, and all we got was more insanity.”

The star then touched on the large group of anti-vaxxers who have continued to refuse the vaccination and admitted that she no longer wants to associate herself with those who don't take their health seriously.

She added: “[There’s] still a large group of people who are anti-vaxxers or just don’t listen to the facts. It's a real shame.

“I’ve lost a few people in my weekly routine who have refused or did not disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated], and it was unfortunate.”

As life slowly returns to some form of normalcy, Jennifer emphasised that as people return to the office there should be a “moral and professional obligation” to encourage others to get vaccinated.

“I feel it’s your moral and professional obligation to inform, since we’re not all podded up and being tested every single day” she urged.

“It’s tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but a lot of opinions don’t feel based in anything except fear or propaganda.”

The American sitcom actress has continued to be vocal about the topic on social media to help change the minds of those still undecided.

After she received her second dose of the vaccine in May, the star took to Instagram to share the news in a lengthy Instagram post.

Jen wrote: “Fully vaccinated and it feels soooo good. We are extremely lucky and privileged to have access to Covid-19 vaccines in the US right now.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere … and as we know, the health of one of us affects all of us.

“Thinking about those who do not or will not have the opportunity to get vaccinated and hug their friends and family.”

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