Jonas Brothers Ask Fans For 'Deep Cut' Song Requests for 'Happiness Begins' Tour Setlist

The Jonas Brothers are taking song requests for their upcoming tour and fans are in for a treat — they’ve asked for recommendations for some of their “deep cuts.” Fans are answering the call and adding to the excitement in anticipation of the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins tour, kicking off in August.

The Jonas Brothers prep for their upcoming tour

In addition to generally building the hype for their Happiness Begins tour, the Jonas Brothers are obviously working on their setlist and they want some fan input.

Of course, there are plenty of hits to choose from in their career and songs off their new album will certainly be in the mix, so they took to social media to ask for some of the more obscure favorites that people would like to hear. This is a departure from what most bands do, who play songs from the newest project they’re promoting and add in their radio hits and classics from years past.

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The bros want some ‘deep cut’ requests

The Jonas Brothers asked fans to dig a bit deeper and offer up something to add to their setlist that would be unexpected. Joe Jonas took to Twiter, asking, “Which Jonas Deep cut song do you wanna hear on tour?”

If you’re eager to hear which of the fan suggestions made the cut, there’s just a little bit to go until their tour begins on August 7, but it looks like “Inseparable,” off their 2007 self-titled album, and “Black Keys,” from 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times were among the frontrunners, with one fan noting dramatically: “If you don’t play Inseparable and Hollywood and Can’t Have You I’ll probs lie on the floor of the arena and refuse to leave.”

Another fan had a long list of contenders: “Turn Right, Inseparable, Just Friends, Hello Beautiful, Shelf, Black Keys, Fly with Me, Love is on its way, Critical and Much Better These have to be played idc.” Another follower offered up: “Joseph. I literally need to hear you all sing Goodnight and Goodbye. It’s for my health.”

Nick Jonas even had a suggestion: “Underdog,” from their 2006 debut record It’s About Time.

Others thought it was easier just to list what they didn’t want to hear, with one fan sharing: “Honestly anything BUT Camp Rock songs.”

This Jonas Brothers song probably won’t make the setlist

There’s probably one Jonas Brothers song that won’t make the setlist and that’s “Pizza Girl.” When asked last month on the Elvis Duran Show if they “have any songs that stink,” Nick explained, “We wrote them specifically for the [Disney] TV show we did… out of context, the songs make no sense and are ridiculous.”

He continued, sharing: “One specifically called ‘Pizza Girl,’ which became like a fan favorite, but in the TV show it made perfect sense but when you take it out of that it just sounds like we literally wrote a song about falling in love with a pizza girl… it doesn’t have the charm of ‘Yellow Submarine.’”

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