Justin Bieber's Changes Has A Romantic Song For Every Occasion

Justin Bieber’s Seasons docu-series shows the world an understanding of what love means to the singer — from making his wife the muse for his new music to seeing both of them gush over each other in solo interviews like crushing school kids. His earliest music obsessed over the idea of love, but now, he’s found it and lives inside of it, happily and to its fullest extent.

His first album in nearly five years, Changes, is out today (February 14) and explores every side of love that you can find, along with the personal growth that has made him into the man he is today. There’s no coincidence that it’s out on Valentine’s Day. It’s a collection of romantic notes for the lover in all of us.

To navigate the year’s most amorous 24 hours, we’ve put together a guide to the album so you’ll have a tune that you can apply to your situation for every romantic mood. After all, every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re in love.

  • “All Around Me”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: affectionate and super touchy-feely

    Blush-worthy line: “I need you all around me / Wouldn’t wanna be in any other place”

    Although this stripped-down album introduction functions as the beginning of something grand, Bieber’s maximized affection feels like familiar love, the kind that gets sparked again after a major realization that your partner is yours forever. This feels like a sure-fire pick to soundtrack baby-shower compilation videos.

  • “Habitual”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you want to kiss your sleeping partner’s forehead

    Blush-worthy line: “My love for you’s habitual, yeah / Not for a moment, but forever”

    This soft-pop synth playground is a declaration by Bieber that his love isn’t for a moment; it’s forever. It looks at Earth’s revolutions as the glue that ties his love to his partner.

  • “Come Around Me”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: very, very horny

    Blush-worthy line: “When you come around me / Do me like you miss me”

    A brain-bubbling hip-hop groove courtesy of Poo Bear and The Audibles and a sampled noise that sounds like a Martian’s voice swirled in a loop make “Come Around Me” a mellow and freakish vibe, perfect for amorous activities. “Let’s get it in expeditiously,” Justin croons. What a vibe.

  • “Intentions” (ft. Quavo)

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like showering your partner with compliments

    Blush-worthy line: “Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter / Gorgeous, make them drop dead, you a killer”

    Drag that old MP3 of “Here Comes the Bride” into the trash. Instead, cue “Intentions,” the ode to partners that swings its saccharine sound like a bouquet of flowers and flings it off into the air. You won’t be emotional, though. You’ll be too busy dancing.

  • “Yummy”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: hungry for dessert

    Blush-worthy line: “I’m elated that you are my lady”

    Like its delicious video, “Yummy” is for second and third dates. It’s for pulling out all the stops for extravagant, no-coupon dine-ins, blindly picking entrees from fancy menus, leaving luxurious tips, and finally heading back home for… dessert. Extra yummy.

  • “Available”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you’re suffering from snuggling withdrawals

    Blush-worthy line: “Hurry up and get here now but don’t speed / I’ll never get over you up on me”

    Post-“U up?” text Bieber is in a minute of horny inspiration, requesting for his partner to zoom over like Road Runner and hop into his arms. He’s visiting some X-rated moments in his memory, requesting a sequel over a mid-tempo beat that hugs his shimmering timbre.

  • “Forever” (ft. Post Malone and Clever)

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: awestruck at the realization that your partner is completely and totally yours

    Blush-worthy line: “Better man, what you made me, made me aware of what I was missing”

    “Forever” is a soothing and delicate hip-swinger, featuring Bieber realizing that he’ll be beside his partner until the sun burns out. Post Malone and Alabama-based singer Clever join in for sweetly caroled promises to never cheat and love until their dying days. You’ll share a tear made of sugar.

  • “Running Over” (ft. Lil Dicky)

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: so in love that you really want it to hurt

    Blush-worthy line: “Keep running over me with your loving”

    “Keep running over me with your loving” is an instant hall of fame bar for romance. It doesn’t get any more serious than that! This upbeat tune, about love growing until it made sense, features a hilarious verse from Lil Dicky, who raps about excitedly scrolling through a girl’s Instagram account after meeting her, and things get weird.

  • “Take It Out on Me”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: either extremely understanding or angry enough to pull a Gallagher on a TV

    Blush-worthy line: “And when your battery gets low / I’ll be the one to charge you up”

    Ever had a bad day at work? Instead of silently seething at home, Bieber wants his partner to talk it out with him to bring her to her happiest place. Yell at him! Explain what happened! He’s right here to relieve her with a shoulder rub and an open ear.

  • “Second Emotion” (ft. Travis Scott)

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like the only way you can express your love is via Travis Scott’s ad-libs

    Blush-worthy line: “Movies all around, but you look like the feature”

    Bieber wants to close his entire schedule on “Second Emotion” and zoom to his wife after seeing her amazing figure on the ‘Gram. Scott joins him to brag a bit and asks his partner if she’s trying to ball harder than him. Together, the duo are drunk in love.

  • “Get Me” (ft. Kehlani)

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: very twinny with your partner

    Blush-worthy line: “Looking at the way we’re blending in, you get me”

    The soft and sincere mood of “Get Me” grips you by the shoulders and never lets go. Kehlani matches Bieber’s romantic intensity, in sheer awe of a partner’s ability to understand them completely. This ode to having that kind of chemistry that lets partners finish each other’s sentences is reserved for that electric first kiss after a perfect evening on the town.

  • “E.T.A.”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like a lovesick drama queen

    Blus-hworthy line: “Skin sweeter than cinnamon / Eyes deeper than the ocean”

    Bieber’s the most over-dramatic lover of all time here. He just saw his partner an hour ago. Probably for lunch. And now, he’s nervous and biting his nails at the thought of seeing her again. Burning guitars set a candle-lit mood as he sweetly sings about preparing to taste her cinnamon skin.

  • “Changes”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: open, honest, and ready to explain what’s on your mind

    Blush-worthy line: “And I just wanna be the best of me / Even though sometimes we might disagree”

    The album’s title track is where Bieber explains that he won’t always be the same, but he’s changing so that he can be the best for this love. Not every day is going to be great, and he’s sorry about that. But this bare, revealing personal note lets his partner know that his love will never falter.

  • “Confirmation”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you want to slow things down for a bit

    Blush-worthy line: “Take a moment to cherish this space / So quick to move forward, no pressure”

    Just two songs ago on “E.T.A.,” Bieber was anxiously awaiting his partner’s presence. Here, the tables have flipped; she’s ready for him to come over and he’s telling her to take a chill pill. Instead of sprinting across the city to her place, he wants her to savor this raw hunger for him.

  • “That’s What Love Is”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you understand

    Blush-worthy line: “I reach out to you, but my hands can’t hold enough / Enough of your greatness”

    There are so many meanings of love. Bieber enters into the fray with the only right definition: that it’s personal and changes for everyone. His, though, involves understanding that it took work to build and plenty of mistakes. He’s in awe at his partner’s commitment to make it work, something that he understands now. Guitar strings give him the space to hum and vocalize to tremendous effect.

  • “At Least for Now”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: kind of chilly, like you’d rather keep quiet than start something

    Blush-worthy line: “The stripes on my shirt, can you read between the lines?”

    Anger sucks when you’re in love. But Bieber realizes that sometimes the best cure for a screaming mind is to sit in silence. So, armed with some red wine, Bieber chills out on the couch and lets an argument simmer. It’ll all be good and fixed eventually.

  • “Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: even flirtier than usual

    Blush-worthy line: “Sugar, honey, so sweet, I got that yum-yum, I got that yum-yum”

    Walker’s lip-biting retort to Bieber’s suggestive wording makes her “Yummy” remix one hell of a flirty experience. Instead of a second or third date, this is at the club, when you’ve been whispering in each other’s ears all night. Three weeks later, that simple peck on the cheek has turned into hands held at the mall.

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