Kanye West ‘taking things slow with Irina Shayk’ amid Kim Kardashian divorce

Rapper Kanye West and Bradley Cooper's model ex Irina Shayk have been spotted spending time together in France after photos of the pair were revealed.

Earlier this week the photos of the pair on the luxury hotel 600-acre Villa La Coste property, with Kanye reportedly whisking Irina away for a sun-soaked getaway in Provence.

The pair were then seen landing back in New Jersey on a private jet, just months after his ex-wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, ending their six year marriage.

The pair share four children together, and according to The Sun, Kanye isn't planning on having any more kids any time soon.

Now that the story has officially broken, Kanye has supposedly said he’s planning on taking things slow with Irina.

A source at The Sun told them: "Kanye is looking more like his old self again. The big smile is back and he's got the spring back in his step again. He's taking things slow with Irina and they are just enjoying each other's company. They have a lot in common, both are 'from the streets' in terms of their interests and know a lot of the same people.

"Kanye's not thinking about more kids right now. He has his hands full with his four children who are his entire world. He's just getting back out there again."

Kanye is a big fan of France and so for his birthday he took Irina with him, but the news surprised his ex Kim Kardashian as she considered it their special place.

When the pair first began dating in 2012, Kanye had taken Kim to Paris and they had even hosted their pre-wedding party in the Palace of Versaille.

Another source at The Sun said: "Kim's been totally blindsided by this. It was in France where Kanye and Kim first got together, when he sent a private jet to bring her to his fashion show in Paris – which was the same one that Irina walked in years ago.

"Everyone thinks it's a dig at Kim – taking Irina to France, that was Kim and Kanye's special place. France was where they first got together, where they 'fell in love', where they made their first official appearance as a couple, and planned to have their wedding – although they moved it to Italy at the last minute."

Kim had reportedly assumed Kanye would want to spend his birthday with their children but supposedly Kanye had told her he wasn’t free.

The source continued: "He let her know he was unavailable – that will hurt her now she knows it was because he was on vacation with Irina.”

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