Lead singer tells bandmate ‘I’ll f****ng kill you’ during on stage punch up

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    The View fans were left utterly disappointed after a comeback gig for the band turned into an on-stage brawl.

    The group performed from 2005 to 2017 and reunited once again in 2022, but it seems there might be some bad blood along the way as a brawl took place in the middle of their set.

    Crowds gathered to see them perform at The Deaf Institute, but according to fans in attendance, halfway through the set the show came to an abrupt halt after a row.

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    In one video, the song paused as the lead singer hit the bassist before being held back by security.

    The fan wrote: "When you've waited for the comeback gig for years and then halfway through the lead singer batters the bassist! Rock N Roll."

    He then followed the video up by explaining the lead singer, Kyle Falconer, came back on stage for one more song.

    After his performance he said: "Sorry, if you want Kieren [Webster] can come and finish the set. The problem with this part is that he wants to sing the songs and he can't right."

    Kyle then walked off the stage and someone joined him to encourage him to stay on but Kyle appeared to argue back before storming off.

    The attendee who recorded the clip was immediately hit with questions as one person asked how long they played for, prompting the fan to respond: "Half a set."

    Another described the gig as "pure chaos" and said: "[He] came back, apologised, sang Face for the Radio, apologised again and left."

    A third wrote: "They'd just finished Skag Trendy and then Kyle pushed Kieren in the back. He then threw the bass down and started walloping him. All a bit bizarre."

    Elsewhere, under the post shared by The Deaf Institute about the show taking place, fans have flooded the comments to discuss refunds.

    One user wrote: "Did the gig end after the punches, any making up done or will it be your refunds all round?"

    While another said: "Refunds for all at the gig tonight?"

    A third added: "You took the birthday punches a wee bit too literally…"

    Daily Star has contacted a representative of The View for comment.

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