Naga Munchetty in tears as BBC guest opens up on dads tragic death from Covid

Naga Munchetty was in tears on her BBC Radio 5 show after a guest told how she was unable to see her dying dad because of Covid restrictions.

On today's show the host invited guests to discuss Boris Johnson attending Prime Minister’s questions where MPS grilled him grilling over him attending a party with his staff in the garden of No 10 Downing street.

Naga started crying when a caller told how her dad, who has since died, was battling cancer at the time of the alleged party in May 2O20 and she couldn't visit him at his home because of Covid restrictions.

The caller, called Kath, said her dad called Roger was left to "rot in his home", as his family couldn't visit him.

Naga was tearful and she praised Kath for having "amazing grace" for opening up about her traumatic situation.

Kath told her: "When this party was in May 2020 I wasn't able to see my father and he was wasting away from cancer and I did break the rules and went to see him on Father's Day."

Naga said: "That June, that was June 20.

Kath tearfully replied: "And he was just over, you know, just over seven stone and he's just over 6ft tall."

"He just kept on telling me he was ok but you get to the point where you need to see it for yourself and he was just left to rot in the community because nobody could go see him.

"I live an hour and a half away from him and he was just left to rot."

Paying tribute to her guest Naga said: "You have amazing grace, Kath do you want to tell me your father's name so we'll remember him?

Kath replied: "Yes Roger."

Unable to control her emotion, Naga's voice cracked as she said: "Kath erm, I'm sorry I know…"

The presenter then fought through tears as she said: "Sorry I didn't mean to get emotional. I'm so sorry for the pain, thank you you really have such grace, thank you for talking to me and I wish you and your family well."

Kath also defended the Prime Minister, saying she wanted to hear about the circumstances of the gathering and that he shouldn't resign over attending party – arguing that he should step down for multiple reasons.

She added: "I don't think people should have the knives out for Boris because of this – if he goes I think it will have to be because he's not the right Prime Minister for lots of different reasons."

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