Noel Gallagher admits what he misses about Oasis – giving fans hope of a reunion

Noel Gallagher ditches any new songs that sound anything like Oasis.

These days when he’s writing, the 55-year-old guitarist usually stops working on any track that is too similar to his former group – because it never sounds as good.

Noel said: “If I’m sitting around writing and things start to sound like Oasis they usually start to sound not as good as Oasis. So I’ll play it and go, ‘Oh, I don’t know.’”

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However, Noel made an exception for Easy Now – the recent single released from his upcoming fourth solo LP Council Skies.

He added: “With that one when I got to the chorus I was like, ‘Oh wow, OK.’ So I persevered with that.

“The moment that I finished it and took it into the studio I know it’s going to be amazing live because it’s like Little By Little or The Masterplan, it’s got the same kind of vibe. Usually I wouldn’t with a song like that, but it was so brilliant, and everyone that I played it to thought it was an old song that had been lying around for years."

Rumours have been rife that Noel could patch things up with estranged brother Liam following his split from his wife Sara MacDonald, and he sometimes wishes he could go back to just being the guitarist in a band.

He said: “Sometimes I do miss just being the guitarist, just turning up and playing loud and doing the thing that guitarists do.
“I do miss that from time to time.

“I was always gonna make my own records but I don’t think I envisioned it would be this long. I was always going to make one record and see what happened.”

Council Skies arrives June 2.


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