Paddy McGuinness feared front page story as nude Peter Kay got shut out of room

Paddy McGuinness was bracing himself to be on the front of the Daily Star after pal Peter Kay got locked out of his hotel room naked.

The pair needed staff to come to the rescue after Paddy’s bid to cover Peter’s modesty with a dressing gown failed as it wouldn’t fit.

Paddy, 48, revealed: “I was working in London at the time and I always stayed at the Soho Hotel, which back in the day was practically a second home for me.

“This particular night I was lying on my bed and Peter called me out of the blue. Peter: ‘Hiya, what you up to?’ Me: ‘I’m working, son.’

“Peter: ‘So am I, whereabouts are you?’ Me: ‘London.’ Peter: ‘So am I. Where are you staying?’ Me: ‘Soho Hotel.’

“Peter: ‘No way, so am I! What room are you in?’ Me: ‘80.’ Peter: ‘So am I!’ Me: ‘What do you mean?’

“With that I heard a knock on the internal door that connected the rooms and Peter was only staying slap bang next to me.

“We got giddy, like two big kids; it was unplanned and a bit of a treat because we hadn’t seen each other for a while.

“It was all great fun until Peter swanned into my room starkers, only for the door to lock behind him.”

In his new book My Lifey, Paddy said he had to call for help to spare his Phoenix Nights’ co-star’s blushes.

He said: “The dressing gown was too small for him, there was no way it would close at the front. I’d have to call down to reception to send someone up to unlock the door.

“I mean, how do you explain that one? Reception: ‘Good evening, Mr McGuinness, how can I help?’

“Me: ‘I’ve got one of the nation’s best-loved comedians in my room with his c*** out. Can you let him back into his own room, please?’”

And the Top Gear and Take Me Out host admitted he was ready for the balls-up to end up front page news in his favourite daily newspaper.

He added: “The manager knew who we both were but to be fair just opened up the locked door and left. That was the good thing about the Soho Hotel, it was discreet.

“If that’d been anywhere else we’d have probably ended up on the front page of the Daily Star!”

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