Prince Harry rescued Page 3 girl from bush after necking tequila like animal

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    Party-loving Prince Harry ended up in a bush with a flailing Page 3 girl after a wild night downing tequila shots with the pin-up.

    Former glamour model Nicola McLean took a tumble at a star-studded party where she and Harry drank the bar dry of tequila.

    But she said the chivalrous Duke, who was 'like an animal' when it came to boozing, came to her rescue, helping her up.

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    She said: "I got very drunk and fell in a bush as I was leaving. I was trying to scramble my way up and thought, 'My husband Tom cannot see that I'm this drunk'.

    "Then Harry put a hand out and grabbed me up. I was like, 'Don't tell Tom,' and we were p***ing ourselves laughing.”

    Harry recently sent shockwaves around the world with his bombshell autobiography, Spare. The book features a string of revelations, including tales of sex and drugs.

    But he neglected to mention his booze-fuelled antics with Nicola at retired rugby ace James Haskell’s 30th birthday bash in 2015, before the Duke met his wife Meghan Markle.

    I’m A Celeb star Nicola, who appeared on the reality show in 2008, was at the party with her husband, ex-footballer Tom Williams.

    She couldn’t understand why the ex-England flanker Haskell's parents’ house was crawling with security – until she spotted Harry.

    Nicola, 41, exclusively told us: “Tom's got a business in Las Vegas so they got talking. Harry absolutely loves Vegas. He was really fun and just one of the lads.

    "He wasn't watching what he drank so he could stay professional or royal. He was just with the lads getting drunk – I really liked him. I met him before he met Meghan, so I don't know if that's changed things, but he was a really nice guy.”

    "We literally drank so much tequila that we ran out. Then Harry and Tom were trying to find a way of sneaking out and getting more. Security wouldn’t let us out, but he was fully up for just going to the shop.”

    "Tequila was definitely Harry's choice of tipple so it went down well. Harry and Tom were animals with it. To be fair, I gave it a good go, hence why I fell into a bush, but they drank it dry."

    Nicola continued: "I woke up the next morning still in the dress and I'm thinking, 'Was that a f***ing dream?' It was the weirdest day of my life.

    "Then I went to the toilet, looked down and my white dress was all black at the back. I thought, ‘Well, I definitely won't be able to hide that from Tom,’ so I was like, 'Babe, I fell in a bush.' Tom said 'Yeah, I know. Your dress is telling a million stories’.

    "It wasn't my finest moment, but who doesn't want to get drunk with Prince Harry?

    "I don't think I flashed him but I could've. If I did, I don't remember.”

    Nicola, who has appeared in two series of Celebrity Big Brother, added that Harry, 38, put late Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner to shame in the partying stakes.

    She said: "Harry was the most fun for sure. Hef was old when I met him and just wanted to take Viagra and sleep with younger women. I loved Hef – I was a massive fan – but he definitely wasn't in Harry's league for partying.”

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