Simon Cowell snubbed Prince Charles and Camilla in jaw-dropping blunder

Simon Cowell may be TV royalty, but he made a massive blunder when encountering the real royals.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess Of Cornwall are no stranger to meeting celebrities and they will no doubt be preparing to up their workload as the Queen starts to scale back her public appearances following intermittent mobility issues.

But the royal pair were left waiting for 2 hours in 2016 when TV legend Simon Cowell arrived late for an event.

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The X Factor judge was due to appear at the annual dinner to honour the work of The British Asian Trust taking place at the National History Museum.

But the executive producer is not known for his time keeping and he made his entrance to the event at 8:45pm, nearly two hours after the scheduled start time of 7pm.

But despite the black-tie dress code, the music mogul instead opted to go for his usual attire of an open-chested shirt with casual dark trousers as he was accompanied to the event by his fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh.

At the time Simon was in a relationship with Lauren Silverman and even though Simon is now engaged to the mother of 8-year-old Eric, he chose to be accompanied by his longtime pal, Louis.

Prince Charles had the honour of giving the opening speech to welcome the assorted and prestigious guests, but that did not include Simon or Louis at the time as the second in line to the throne had already been on and off the stage by the time of the pair's arrival.

And Simon did not even receive the royal welcome he was scheduled to have.

Two members of The Household Cavalry had been stationed to welcome Cowell and his companion, but they had been waiting so long that the regiment members left.

At the time, Simon's spokesperson claimed he was late as he got stuck in meetings.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were the guests of honour of 450 high calibre names which included former X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

At that time Leona recently left Syco Music – the label owned by the creator of the Got Talent franchise – and even though their meeting was said to be slightly awkward, the pair showed there was no bad blood.

Despite the late arrivals, the dinner was still a great success for the British Asian Trust, raising £900,000 for a charitable organisation that helps the lives of disadvantaged people in South Asia.


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