Song You Need to Know: Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams, 'Your Mind's Walking Out'

Earlier this month, the Canadian folk duo Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum paired up with New Zealand crooner Marlon Williams to release their first collaborative album, Plastic Bouquet. Despite the LP’s inanimate title, there’s nothing fake about the music contained therein. Like much of Kacy & Clayton’s output — including last year’s Carrying On — it’s a record shaped by genuine human emotion. Williams’ sad-eyed introspection only elevates the proceedings.

Listen to “Your Mind’s Walking Out,” a strummed acoustic gem that finds Anderson and Williams pairing their voices in a doozy of a chorus. “Time is on your side, though you’re looking like you’re barely alive,” she offers bluntly, with Williams’ reassuring harmony coming in just below the surface. His contribution is even more welcome when juxtaposed against Anderson’s vibrato, which while angelic, is also rich in melancholy. Who knew there could be so much joy in being sad?

A video for the song further messes with hearts and minds by casting two dogs in the lead. When the pups are separated, a soul-tugging search begins. You cry! You laugh! Finally, you exhale. At only two minute and change, “Your Mind’s Walking Out” is a rollercoaster of a ride. But thanks to Kacy & Clayton’s longtime chemistry, and the new addition of Williams, it’s one worth taking.

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