Song You Need to Know: Lulu Simon, ‘Wasted’

When you’re recovering from a break-up by writing a pop song, the ultimate kiss off needs to be wisely executed. Lulu Simon, daughter of Paul, found the formula for a deliciously pissed off break-up bop with her single “Wasted.”

Hailing from the school of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Kiss, “Wasted” is candy-coated synth-bliss that feels nostalgic for recent pop history. On the deceptively upbeat song, Simon regrets the time she wasted on her ex-boyfriend who sucked up her summer months and still cheated on her. She has (mostly) moved on, recognizing that she’s at least no longer in love with him but still absolutely angry. As the song escalates, there is a lovely guitar riff that sounds like the opening chords of Sum-41’s “In Too Deep” and turns into a bubbly solo. Even in the face of heartache, the song screams out its message in bright pink and glittery gold.

Simon is brand new to the pop game, but “Wasted” and her other independently-released single “How to Be Alone” are the type of synth-heavy anthems that are needed for a perfect summer soundtrack. She’s learned some of the most important lessons a young artist can learn from her dad and mom Edie Brickell but thankfully adds a wholly unique spin that makes these songs really bubble.

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