The Bill icon Trudie Goodwin is mum to famous chart-topping La Roux singer

Actress Trudie Goodwin who is best known for her roles in ITV's Emmerdale and The Bill has a famous daughter that many fans may be unaware of.

Trudie, 69, who played Georgia Sharm in Emmerdale between 2011 and 2015, has been working in the entertainment industry for a number of years.

And from the looks of it her daughter Elly Jackson also has a passion for the arts too.

Trudie's daughter Elly is the lead singer of popular noughties band La Roux.

British pop band La Roux found fame in 2009 with their hit songs In For The Kill and Bulletproof.

The band managed to reach number two in the charts with their first album and gained a number one single with the release of their song Bulletproof.

Since they first burst onto the scene, La Roux has released three albums in total with the most recent album in 2020.

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Throughout the band's career, La Roux have received several award nominations, which include the Mercury Prize award, the Brits and Ivor Novello amongst others.

In 2014, singer Elly spoke openly to The Guardian about fame and her sexuality, which has often been questioned by fans over the years.

She said: "I debate this a lot – do we need everyone to be 100% open about everything before we get to the stage it doesn't matter? And I agree to a point, I am aware of the conflicts. But the problem is, if I say, 'I'm straight,' nobody will come around to my house and take a picture of my boyfriend.

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"If I say, 'I'm gay,' then somebody will come around and try to take a picture of my girlfriend."

She added: "Yes. It's all very well people telling me to be open about it, but it will impact on my life. Why should I have to bear the brunt of what would happen? All I know is that if it's not something I have any interest or desire to talk about, then that needs to be my only reason."

Elly's mother Trudie was loved by fans for her role in Emmerdale, but she became widely known for her role in Police drama The Bill.

Trudie played played June Ackland from 1984 until 2007 on the ITV crime soap.

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