Watch Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Re-Create '24 Frames' in Quarantine

400 Unit, assemble. Like Ron Burgundy, Jason Isbell rallies the members of his band, scattered about Nashville in quarantine, to perform and record a remote version of their song “24 Frames.”

A live favorite off Isbell’s 2015 album Something More Than Free, “24 Frames” gets a more subdued treatment here with Isbell and guitarist Sadler Vaden leading the charge on acoustic guitars. Bassist Jimbo Hart plugs in, while drummer Chad Gamble keeps time on a pared-down kit, brushing his snare. Derry deBorja ties it all together with a pretty melody on his keyboard.

In a tweet, Isbell calls it a “stripped down quarantined version…for your entertainment.” It checks those boxes to be sure, but it also shows off the innate chemistry shared by the 400 Unit, even when connected by only WiFi and a lot of time on their hands.

Isbell and the band have been doing their best to stay creative during the coronavirus pandemic, hopping on social media platforms to play songs and engage with fans. Isbell has been a frequent guest on his wife Amanda Shires’ I So Lounging livestream series, while Sadler Vaden has been performing songs off his latest solo album, Anybody Out There?.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are tentatively scheduled to return to the road in late May.

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