1 'Eternals' Finale Scene Makes Absolutely No Sense

The Marvel superhero movie Eternals recently came out, and it introduces a new set of heroes. The cast includes Richard Madden and Kit Harrington, who fans remember from Game of Thrones. The former portrays an Eternal, and the latter plays a human professor. 

Another human that viewers will see is a man from India named Karun. Fans have enjoyed watching Karun, but one scene with him may have confused them. 

Karun is a new character from ‘Eternals’

Eternals is about an immortal alien race of the same name. Ten Eternals went to Earth during the beginning of human history to kill an invasive species known as Deviants. After the group eliminates the last Deviant, they go their separate ways as they wait for the Celestial Arishem’s return. 

Eventually, the Eternals grow to care for humanity and try to protect the planet from the Emergence. The characters are even willing to betray the other Celestials. The events of the movie take place after Endgame, but people can watch it as a standalone film. 

One of the side characters in Eternals is Karun. Karun is the human valet and personal assistant for Kingo. Kingo is an Eternal, and he disguises himself as a Bollywood film star. After Ikaris informs him that the Deviants have returned, Karun accompanies Kingo. 

According to Newsweek, Karun is always prepared and is respectful to other characters. He also brings multiple cameras to record the Eternals fighting the Deviants. He is always prepared and willing to stand close to danger to get the right shot. Karun returns to India with Kingo as his faithful assistant. 

Karun spoke in Hindi in one scene

Several fans have taken a liking to Karun and consider him to be endearing. They appreciate the comedic value he adds to the group. People already label him as the “MVP” of the movie. However, one scene in the latter half of the film did not make sense to some viewers.  

According to Heroic Hollywood, Karun gives an emotional speech when Kingo leaves to avoid fighting the team or Arishem. Karun thanked the Eternals for helping Earth for centuries before walking away. What confused some people was the fact that he spoke in Hindi to the Eternals.

After all, Karun communicated with the other characters in English throughout the film. It would seem strange to give a valiant speech in another language all of a sudden. However, the decision may make sense to some people. Karun is from India, and his native tongue is Hindi. 

Karun speaking in Hindi likely helped him stand out from the other cast of characters. Some fans probably hope he returns if Eternals gets a sequel. 

Harish Patel portrayed Karun in ‘Eternals’

The actor behind Karun is Bollywood star, Harish Patel. He has been in the film industry for decades, and one of his first roles was in a Hindi film titled Mandi. Later, he was in India’s first superhero film titled Mr. India.  

The plot centers around a street violinist wearing a cloaking device and fighting crime. The movie came out in the ’80s, and Patel had a cameo appearance of Roopchand. Patel landed roles in other major productions in India.  

For example, people can see him in Aankhen and Gupt: The Hidden Truth. People also can find Patel in some English productions. Four Weddings and a Funeral is a classic film that became a miniseries on Hulu a couple of years ago. 

Patel played the part of Kash’s father, Haroon Khan. Haroon works at Heathrow Airport in the show.

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