‘90 Day Fiancé: Jenny Reacts to Sumit Putting Their Marriage Application on Hold — ’Why Would You Do That?’

In the upcoming Nov 21 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit Singh comes clean to Jenny Slatten about putting their marriage on hold. Jenny, obviously upset, asks Sumit, “Why would you do that?” Sumit admits he’s not ready to get married right away. Will Sumit ever be ready to marry Jenny?

Sumit asks the lawyer to put the marriage application on hold after signing it

In last week’s episode, Sumit talks to his friend, Neeraj, about his current situation. He tells his friend that they have the green light from both his parents and the astrologer. But now he’s feeling nervous about marrying Jenny. He says, “The past experience of marriage, like my divorce, all the fighting. Cost a lot of money and all of the trauma.” His friend suggests he stops focusing on the negative and that he and Jenny should get married “straight away.”

Sumit admits to Neeraj, “We went to the lawyer, marriage lawyer, he gave us information about the Special Marriage Act, and we fill out the form for the marriage.” Sumit revealed, “When we [were] done with the meeting at night, I just call [the] lawyer.” He revealed, “I ask him to hold, like, don’t file for the marriage.”

Jenny reacts to Sumit putting their marriage on hold

During the Nov 14 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit finally comes clean to Jenny about putting a stop to the marriage application. He says, “Actually, there is something I need to tell you.” After a long pause, he says, “After filing the marriage application, you know I was a bit nervous about it, as he was saying that he gonna file it on the same day.[sic] That’s why I put it on a hold. I asked him to put it on a hold.”

Jenny asked him, “Without me even knowing, you just called the lawyer and told him to stop it? I mean, why would you do that?” He says, “I was nervous.” Jenny says to the cameras, “We finally get the green light to get married, and then, bam, I’m blindsided.” She admits, “I’m hurt that he didn’t tell me. And I’m angry that he did it.”

Why Sumit is scared of getting married

After confessing that he put the marriage on hold, Sumit explained his actions. He said, “It just the kind of feeling, it’s just the kind of thing hitting my head because of bad experience of marriage.” He tells Jenny that his biggest fear is to be unhappily married, as he was before.

He says, “I saw married people, things change, people change. It’s come with this change of status. Like earlier you were girlfriend and boyfriend, now you’re husband and wife.” Sumit tells Jenny, “I didn’t find anything good about marriage in [the] past. You should support me by understanding the reason.”

Jenny is trying to stay supportive and patient with Sumit, but she’s growing impatient. It’s been almost a decade since they began talking and Sumit promised he’d marry her. Fans will have to keep watching 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way to see if Jenny and Sumit will ever get married.

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