A Cop Movie director details difficulties filming Netflix documentary ‘I wont lie

A Cop Movie: Netflix release trailer for documentary

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A Cop Movie is a docu-fiction hybrid that explores dysfunction within Mexico City policing which has landed on Netflix. In addition to talking with real police officers, director Alonso Ruizpalacios got two actors to reenact the dramatic lives of former police officers Teresa and her husband Montoya. Ruizpalacios explained he made the film to highlight the police corruption crisis which plagues Mexico but admitted filming was a “difficult process”. 

A Cop Movie follows the story of two Mexican police officers, Teresa (played by Monica Del Carmen) and Montoya (Raul Briones). 

The camera films them as they carry out their duties, while they open up on the difficulties of serving members of the public who don’t trust the police. 

Halfway through it’s revealed Teresa and Montoya are in fact actors playing real-life officers. 

Through their fictional roles and real testimonies, A Cop Movie portrays the “shocking” realities of being an officer in Mexico.

Director Ruizpalacios spoke exclusively with Express.co.uk to discuss the years of work that went into creating A Cop Movie. 

He explained: “We started developing this about four or five years ago and we were coming to the end of the former president of Mexico and Mexico was in a really terrible state.

“And I wanted to do something which sort of addressed this and something which wasn’t just entertainment.

“I kind of had the fantasy of being useful somehow so I got together with two friends who are producers and we wanted to make a film about the corruption crisis which plagues Mexico.”

After discussing what route to take the project down Ruizpalacios said: “All the roads led to the figure of the police officer.”

“They embody law and we started talking to policemen and women and we couldn’t believe the things that we found and take for granted,” the Mexican film-maker added. 

“We all walk by policemen and have fixed opinions about them and we hardly ever stop and look them in the eye and wonder what their lives are like. 

“And in a moment of crisis where the police are so unpopular all over the world.”

Ruizpalacios said he thought it would be an exciting challenge to delve deep into the workings of the country’s police force and “blur the lines between fiction and reality”. 

However, Ruizpalacios and his friends struggled to get police officers to open up to them for the project.

He explained: “It was a difficult process, I won’t lie, I mean that’s part of the reason why the film took so long to make. 

“We had to get this access and it took a long time and we had a lot of rejection from a lot of police forces.

“One common misconception we have as citizens is that we think the police force is one thing and it’s not. 

“There are regional police forces and each one has a very different approach and different focus and different resources.”

However, there was one chief of police who wanted to help and gave Ruizpalacios access into his officers’ careers, with the director revealing “everything that we discovered was a shock”.

He explained he struggled to comprehend how “Ludacris” officers’ wages were and he was amazed it only takes a person six months to qualify as an officer. 

A Cop Movie is now available to watch on Netflix. 

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