Adrian Chiles says pain of TV axe hit when Roy Keane offered emotional support

Adrian Chiles says the enormity of being axed from ITV really hit home when footie hardman Roy Keane offered emotional support.

He added that, four years on, he is still constantly reminded of his failure, saying: “The question I answer 10 times a day is, ‘Oh, you’re not on telly any more?’.”

Adrian, 52, said people sometimes look at him “like a ghost because to some extent you have stopped existing”.

The former One Show presenter was sacked as the host of ITV’s football coverage in 2015 after five years in the job.

He said: “When it got announced… you can imagine [it] was a big humiliation. It was on the news and everything…

“I got a text from Roy Keane and he said, ‘I am gutted for you. I really enjoyed working for you and I consider you a friend’…

“I completely lost it. You know if Roy Keane has got his arm round your shoulder you are completely f***ed – something really terrible must have happened.”

Former Manchester United star Keane, 47, was feared on the pitch as a ferocious tackler and is known as a scowling pundit.

Adrian said his big money move along with Christine Lampard from BBC to ITV in 2010 damaged his image as being down to earth. Their stint on ITV morning show Daybreak was a flop and did not last long.

Speaking on RHLSTP (Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast), Radio Five Live presenter Adrian said: “I am very negative.

"And I honestly said ‘This [Daybreak] is absolutely gonna work’, and Christine said, ‘That’s worrying cos you are never confident about anything’.”

Referring to his career ups and downs, Adrian added: “I found the whole rise and rise bewildering, and the decline bewildering, but not in a good way.”

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