Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: MIA Smurf Gives the Boys Heist Anxiety

Something feels a bit off to Animal Kingdom’s Codys in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode. Though J knows exactly how to prep his badass uncles to rip off the Chronic Dread Festival in “Ambo” (9/8c on TNT), it’s as if something is missing… something or someone.

That’s right, Smurf — J’s ailing grandma and the gang’s usual ringleader — is still nowhere to be found. (She took off for parts unknown in “Know Thy Enemy” and hasn’t been seen since.) And though the Cody clan’s tough-as-nails matriarch has pulled that kind of stunt before, even on the day of a heist, her absence is still troubling to her boys. Not only does it upset the natural order of things, but Smurf has a job to do as well as they do, and if she isn’t going to do it, one of them will have to step up and tackle the task.

Regular viewers of the addictive crime drama are probably already nodding their heads, because they know very well the crucial role that the erstwhile Janine plays in every robbery. As for the rest of you, to find out what it is and who takes on that responsibility, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Where do you suspect Smurf went?

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