Appreciate not being interrupted – not sorry! GMB guest in rude outburst at Susanna Reid

GMB: Adil Ray interrupts Aamir Hassan

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Susanna Reid and Adil Ray were joined by podcaster Aamir Hassan and broadcaster India Willoughby on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss the Brits Awards dropping gender-specific categories. However, the debate quickly descended into chaos when Aamir hit out at Susanna for interrupting him during the discussion. 

Susanna noted: “The problem with merging the two categories is that very often it’s women who lose out.”

Samir argued: “I agree with you and India makes a fair point there’s a lot of work to be done.

“And if you look at the Grammys nearer four times as many women have been nominated for a Grammy Award in 2021 as previously in the five major categories so we are moving forward.”

Interrupting, Susanna asked: “How can we move forward though? I want to give you an example.”

Hitting back, the podcaster said: “Let me finish Susanna, let me finish my point.”

“There’s a literary prize, The Orange Prize was a prize for women writers…,” Susanna continued. 

“You’re interrupting me here,” Aamir pointed out and the host continued: “There was a year when The Booker Prize only had men on the list – how can it be inclusive?”

“I’d appreciate not being interrupted because India and I are having a healthy debate here,” Aamir quipped. 

“Thank you. I’m actually agreeing with India in that we need to progress forward.”

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