Are 'Stranger Things' Stars Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard Friends In Real Life?

Many co-stars form friendships. This is especially true in the case of long-running franchises (like the Marvel Cinematic Universe) or TV shows. The cast of the Netflix sci-fi horror series Stranger Things has always appeared close off-screen (some are even dating). So are they really friends? Here’s a look at three of the young stars: Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard.

They’ve basically all grown up together

When Schnapp, Brown, and Wolfhard were cast in Stranger Things, they were 10, 11, and 12 years old, respectively. Casting young actors is always a challenge: There’s a limit on the number of hours they can shoot, and they typically need on-set tutors in order to continue their education.

But its also a unique time in their lives, and thus, preteen and teen co-stars tend to form close bonds. This certainly appears to be the case for the kids of the Stranger Things cast, who all know each other very well.

Schnapp and Wolfhard have a fun relationship

Recently, the three teens did the Wired Autocomplete Interview together. During their interview, they spoke a lot about music, as Wolfhard sings lead and plays guitar for the Canadian indie rock band Calpurnia.

When Schnapp was asked if he was going on tour, he joked that he was going to be opening up for Calpurnia as a stand-up comedian. Though he doesn’t appear to be quite as musical as Wolfhard, the two enjoyed joking with one another about the possibility.

Brown and Schnapp appear very close

Throughout the interview, Schnapp and Brown seemed to know a lot about one another. She knew that he speaks French, and he knew her favorite color is purple. No, these aren’t incredibly intimate details, but they both seemed very comfortable answering for the other.

Another reason we think they’re friends off set? They told us! When Noah revealed the question “Who is Noah Schnapp’s best friend?” he replied, “You guys. Millie and Finn. Because I love them.” Wolfhard took it as a joke, but Brown said, “You know I am. I am his best friend Is that right?” Schnapp replied, “Of course.” 

Are Brown and Wolfhard dating in real life?

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Shipping couples in TV shows and movies is a big part of the viewer experience. But that tends to find its way into real life. Of course, most co-stars aren’t actually dating in real life. And that’s purportedly the case with Brown and Wolfhard.

Still, the two are obviously good friends. And they definitely ship their characters. Brown has nothing but affection for “the Mike to her Eleven,” and the reverse appears to be true.  

Stranger Things 3 is now available to watch on Netflix

The July 4 holiday release of Stranger Things 3 is fitting, given that the season takes place during the summer months. The first couple of trailers have been full of fun: A carnival, an ice cream shop, and the progression of the show’s romantic relationships.

But the final trailer brought back the original premise of the show. The Mind Flayer is at large, despite Eleven closing the gate to the Upside Down at the end of Stranger Things 2. And it’s not alone. The evil looks bigger and worse than ever — can the people of Hawkins work together to end it once and for all? Or will they need another season?

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