Ashley Cain's grieving partner Safiyya is 'struggling day and night' after baby Azaylia's tragic death

ASHLEY Cain's girlfriend Safiyya has said she's "struggling day and night" after her daughter Azaylia's tragic death.

The heartbroken couple lost their little girl last weekend after her brave battle with a rare from of leukaemia.

"I struggle all through the day and night…" Safiyya wrote on Instagram.

"When the journey I was on was difficult mentally I didn't realise it was going to get harder.

"Looking after my baby in hospital at 8 weeks old wasn't the way I was expecting to become a mummy.

"But I counted every day as a blessing that I am Azaylia's mummy and would give her my 100% every day!

"I studied every part of her diagnosis, I learnt all her medicine because I wouldn't have done nothing less for my baby."

Safiyya said that while her "days feel so empty", her "life feels so lost" and her "body feels so alone", her "soul feels so full."

"My spiritual alert feels so engaged more than ever, this is because Azaylia has given me a reason to connect with life in such a different way," she said.

"I am struggling every day but from each day I am gaining a new vision. Azaylia welcomed me every day with a beautiful smile.

"I will find a new way to eventually live, and I will keep your name alive Azaylia."

Safiyya also shared a photograph of Azaylia in the clouds, calling her "my beautiful angel" and "my hero".

She explained that they lost her in the "holy month of Ramadan" a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community for Muslims.

"We will be together one day in paradise," the mum added.

Over the weekend Ashley said his body is "consumed by pain" as he grieves the death of his daughter.

He is struggling to cope with the tragedy, but is using his daughter's memory and the promises he made to her to motivate himself.

Taking to the streets for a run yesterday in his new orange trainers, Azaylia's favourite colour, Ashley said she is inspiring him to stay positive.

He wrote on Instagram: "Right now, It’s taking everything I have to begin each new day. The pain of not being able to see my little girl is consuming my whole body.

"So this afternoon, I put on my new running trainers that I bought after Azaylia gained her angel wings. I got them in orange to represent Azaylia and her battle, in the hope they would inspire me to get out and work through the pain.

"For days I’ve wondered when I would have the strength to put them on and hit the road. The truth is, I don’t feel strong, I feel far from it. But in times of weakness, I have come to think… ‘What would Azaylia do?’

"She would be strong, she would be courageous and she would get up, get out, and do what is needed to be done. She would push through every challenge with intent and without hesitation.

"So that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I guess the pain will never fade and things will not get easier, but we will get stronger. 🧡 #LetsGoChamp#AzayliaDiamondCain."

On Saturday Ashley vowed to help children going through serious health battles like Azaylia in another moving Instagram post.

The bereaved dad told fans he made a promise to keep Azaylia's name alive, and he won't let his heartache get in the way of doing that.

He wrote: "I wanted to take this time to give thanks for all of your love, care and support for Azaylia throughout her battle and still now for us as a family. [heart emoji].

"I am broken and hurting more and more everyday right now. [crying emoji].

"But I made a promise to my daughter that I would keep her name alive by continuing to help other children, adults and their families during their own battles and I will honour that promise until I see her again."

Earlier in the day Azaylia's mum Safiyya said that she couldn't get out of bed and was in "unbearable pain" after her tragic loss.

Looking emotional and tired in a short video clip, Safiyya wrote over the top: "Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning has never felt so hard.

"The pain that hits me when I open my eyes is unbearable, I just want this all to be a dream.

"I miss you, Azaylia."

Reposting her final images taken with Azaylia, she continued: "One week today this was all happening, you are so incredible Azaylia, you have changed my life.

"Honestly, I feel so proud of you, I am lost without you but I know you're with me close all the time."

The heartbreaking words come one day after she and boyfriend Ashley lit a candle for their little girl in the Chapel of Rest.

Ashley shared a short video that showed the red candle burning surrounded by Lion King teddy bears.

He wrote: "Tonight we lit a candle in the Chapel of Rest to join others in lighting up the world in honour of my beautiful daughter Azaylia."

Safiyya added on her own social media page: "Light the world Azaylia, I love you."

It was Ashley's first public post after he shared his final picture of Azaylia, in which he said that his "heart is shattered".

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