‘Bachelor’ Recap: A Woman Leaves After Interrupting Matt James’ Group Date

The new outing of the ABC dating show picks up where things it leaves off in the last episode, in which Sarah fainted at the rose ceremony, much to everyone’s surprise.

AceShowbiz -“The Bachelor” returned with a new episode on Monday, January 18. The new outing of the ABC dating show picked up where things it left off in the last episode, in which Sarah fainted at the rose ceremony, much to everyone’s surprise.

“She was exhausted… but I’m just glad I was able to steal a few moments away with her,” Matt James said in confessional. “Knowing she’s healthy is what’s most important.” Meanwhile, Victoria assumed that Sarah “fainted for attention.”

As Sarah got better, Matt resumed the rose ceremony. Eventually, Matt gave the final rose to Victoria instead of Marylynn. “I’m floored. How can he give her a rose? She’s just, the worst!” Marylynn said, admitting that Victoria’s a “good actor.”

It was time for a group date for Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C., Victoria, Khaylah, Anna, Kaili and Katie. They then walked into a room to find Ashley Iaconetti reading an intimate passage from Chris Harrison‘s “The Love Letter”, and the women were asked to write their own erotic love story with Matt. Katie’s and Victoria’s were so erotic that more bleeps were heard when they read their story.

Meanwhile, Sarah opted out the date card reading as she was emotionally exhausted. She used to deal with faithfulness, commitment issues and jealousy, adding that she “felt dirty watching that.”

Later, Matt and Rachael had a moment together. “I haven’t felt this way in a long time, but also it’s scary because I haven’t felt this way this quickly ever,” she told Matt before they kissed. Rachael was positive that Matt “potentially feels the exact same way that I’m feeling about him.”

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Meanwhile, Sarah was devastated. “It kills me to think he’s having these special moments with other women too,” she said. That prompted her to interrupt the group date which she wasn’t invited to and cut short Matt and Katie’s moment. Victoria encouraged Katie to get her time back and she did, leading to an argument between Sarah and Katie.

Matt eventually walked Sarah out but then she went to visit the other women to apologize. However, they didn’t seem to accept her apology easily. Feeling targetted, Sarah was crying outside. Victoria approached her and tried to sound nice to her before Katie appeared.

The next one-on-one date was between Matt and Serena P. But before their date, Matt noticed that Sarah wasn’t there with the other women, prompting him to go to her room. She told him that she had packed her bag, but Matt tried to convince her to stay. “That would be a tragedy!” Matt said. “You’re on my mind, and I haven’t forgotten about the time we spent together.”

“I will continue to remind you how much I care about you,” he continued. “Obviously the girls aren’t going to be happy, but at the end of the day, it’s me and your connection… I will come here every day. I am dead serious.”

During his date with Serena, the pair used the time to get to know each other and they also had a steamy makeout session in the hot tub. Meanwhile, the ladies at the house discussed how Sarah put distance from the others and MJ decided to confront her for it. Sarah told them that she was planning to leave because she felt overwhelmed by everything but Serena C thought that her move was “calculated, manipulated, toxic.” Sarah eventually left the next day.

However, it turned out that she came to Matt’s room and told him how she felt “attacked” and that she wasn’t welcomed by the other women. “I went downstairs to like, apologize to the women for being in my room all day, and was like, completely attacked. Some of the women in there are just cruel and malicious, and it’s like, really hard for me,” she said. However, she didn’t change her mind and broke down in tears in the car as she left the show, saying that it was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

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