Bachelorette fans slam show for casting 'another virgin' after Colton Underwood when Katie Thurston is 'so sex positive'

BACHELORETTE fans slammed the show for casting “ANOTHER virgin” after Colton Underwood as Katie Thurston is “so sex positive.”

The 30-year-old has been praised for being so open about her sex life so fans bashed producers for choosing Michael Planeta, who admitted on tonight’s premiere he’s saving himself for marriage.

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The 31-year-old San Diego native introduced himself in a pre-recorded package before meeting Katie with the sole emphasis being his virginity.

“Most girls, when they look at me, think I have a huge ego and I’m a player. But that's not the case. 

“I'm actually a virgin. I am saving myself for marriage,” Mike revealed. 

He said that while he understands Katie has been openly more sexual, he's "hoping" if they are a right fit, she will "choose" to stay abstinent alongside him until their nuptials.

The former professional baseball player also gushed about his close relationship with his “loving family” and the “cornerstone” of his upbringing being his faith.

According to his contestant bio, Mike has always “been a one-woman type of guy,” but due to his career in the MLB, dating was “never really a priority in his life.” 

However, he has retired from being a full-time athlete and now runs a gym for high schoolers which gives him “more time to focus on love.”

Fans were outraged by the move, with one writing: ”Another virgin? Nah, he needs to go. We can't go through that journey again.”

“Also at this point is "Virgin" just a buzzword to get casted??” Someone asked. 

A third tweeted: “The whole “let’s cast a virgin” bit is getting old”

“We got another season with a virgin. The devil works hard but bachelorette producers work harder,” a fan insisted.

One more viewer exclaimed: “Wait. Another virgin? With a sex-positive Bachelorette? Really? Not the best casting there. Oh geez.”

Katie made a wild entrance when she arrived to Matt James' season of The Bachelor carrying a large pink sex toy and went viral for a TikTok boasting of desires to have “sex with a ghost.”

She also proudly wears shirts with messages that include "no fake orgasms" and has not shied away from the topic.

Former Bachelor Colton, 29, was also a professional athlete who's was saving himself for marriage.

Viewers complained that the "virgin narrative" was "overplayed" on his season as it became the "sole focus" of the show.

The ex lead went on to date Cassie Randolph from the show but broke up in a nasty split after 18 months of dating.

Earlier this year, Colton publicly announced he is gay and struggled with his sexuality while filming the series.

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