Bake Off fans left amazed as Henry tells shocked Paul Hollywood to 'shut up' after he dishes out a handshake

BAKE Off fans were left amazed last night when Henry Bird told a shocked Paul Hollywood to "shut up" after he dished out a handshake.

The competition is getting harder and harder and tensions are rising, with Henry feeling the pressure more than most.

And the judges were particularly harsh on Tuesday – especially with Michael Chakraverty who was asked to leave the famous white tent.

But it was a great week for Henry, who he looked pleased as punch as he was finally named Star Baker.

It was Henry's Swedish treats that earned him the coveted accolade, though he was in so much shock that he told Paul to "shut up".

Viewers rejoiced at his hilarious reaction and Paul's taken aback face.

One viewer typed out the scenes as they wrote on Twitter: "Paul: *holds out hand* Henry: Shut up. Absolute classic. Please can Henry win, I'm dying to see what his reaction would be"

Another said: "Bake off viewers all feeling like proud parents watching Henry get a handshake, win star baker 🌟 and get sassy with Paul"

Week seven of the Channel 4 baking competition saw the contestants creating their best festival bakes.

And the saucy banter was back with the judges and hosts having a giggle at Henry’s “nice buns”.

Elsewhere, Henry admitted to using 120 eggs to practice his Showstopper in an egg-traordinary effort.

Meanwhile, viewers squirmed as Michael slowly poked his dough last night.

They admitted they were left feeling "uncomfortable" but some were left in hysterics when the baker, 26, decided to check whether the dough for his hot cross buns had proofed enough – by pressing two fingers slowly into it.

The weird technique had fans confused, with one person writing: "The way Michael just stuck his fingers in that dough made me feel so uncomfortable #GBBO".

A second added: "Oh gosh Michael that was a very slow poke #gbbo".

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