Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco squirms as she’s slammed for $1million per episode pay

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Netflix’s new hang-out series The Cabin with Bert Kreischer has already led to some awkward encounters in its first season. The Big Bang Theory’s former star Kaley Cuoco was blasted by comedian and podcast host Ms Pat when she discovered her insane pay-out from CBS.

Kaley Cuoco has become a sitcom legend by portraying girl-next-door and Cheesecake Factory waitress Penny for 12 seasons of CBS’ hit show The Big Bang Theory.

Since then, the comedy star has taken on another iconic character by voicing the Joker’s ex-girlfriend Harley Quinn in DC and HBO’s new animated series.

Beginning in 2007, The Big Bang Theory was almost instantly catapulted to international success, remaining one of the most popular sitcoms of all time until its conclusion last year.

Despite pulling in millions of viewers each episode, the series has also attracted its fair share of criticism.

Over the years, The Big Bang Theory has come under fire for its stereotypical characters, misogynistic writing and shallow overview of geek culture.

Although the negative reviews didn’t stop the series lasting for over a decade, detractors were recently given yet another reason to hate the show.

Cuoco was put in the hot seat when she appeared as a guest on Netflix’s new series The Cabin, hosted by comedian Bert Kreischer.

Kreischer’s popular stand-up specials may be known for their laid-back atmosphere, but things got a little hot under the collar when Cuoco was put in a room with fellow comedy stars Ms. Pat and Joel McHale.

Their conversation first took an awkward tone when comedian and host of The Patdown Ms. Pat confessed to never seeing an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

She then proceeded to roast the show’s geeky subject matter, whilst McHale poured another drink to watch the chaos unfold.

Pat admitted: “Let me say something to you, Kaley. I mean, I don’t… I can’t watch. It’s too nerdy. It’s too smart! And I’m not dumb, it’s just corny.”

Centring on a gang of professional scientists and pop culture enthusiasts, the show often proved alienating to viewers who weren’t up to date with the latest comic book trends.

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Whilst superheroes and quantum physics gradually became the basis for one of the most popular comedies in recent years, the nerdy subject matter was too much for Ms Pat.

She added: “I can’t get into it, and, I mean, I don’t get the jokes.”

Although the series started out riding on the coattails of more traditional sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang quickly found its audience.

In fact, the series grew so popular it made the principal cast members some of the highest earners on TV at the time.

Kaley Cuoco begun to shrink into her chair and hide under her hat when Ms Pat called out the cast’s tidy salary.

She exclaimed: “I remember when y’all started a million dollars per episode.

“And I was like, ‘who the f**k is watching this show?’ To pay these people a million dollars per episode!”

Thankfully, for some, The Big Bang Theory came to an end after the departure of Sheldon Cooper’s Jim Parsons, although his story continues on CBS with spin-off series Young Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory is available to watch on Netflix.

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