Brandi Glanville: Camille Grammer Reads A Script Written by LVP at ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Brandi goes on saying that that the British restaurateur, who decides not to return to the next season of the series, does that to secure a place on the show should she return to the show in the future.

AceShowbizBrandi Glanville may not be part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“, but she has a lot to say about the recent reunion special of the Bravo show’s season 9. During her appearance in the July 26 episode of her podcast, “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered”, the 46-year-old revealed that she thought Camille Grammer, who blamed her for why Lisa Vanderpump skipped the reunion, was actually reading a script written by Lisa the whole episode.

“Let’s be 1000 percent clear, Camille came in with a script and all of it was written by Lisa Vanderpump,” the “Drinking and Tweeting” author said, adding that she “started laughing” as she watched the show. “She came in with bullet points she had to get out. [Lisa] wrote it. I know Lisa. So Lisa’s last act as a housewife was to make sure that if she’s going down, b***hes are going down with her.”

Brandi believed that Lisa did it to allegedly secure a place on the show should she return to the show in the future. “I think she just wanted to make sure that she left [the door] open with all of the other women so that she could come back and blame me for the entire season of everyone calling her out on her bulls**t,” she explained.

Camille previously claimed that the real reason why Lisa quit the show was because of Brandi. According to Camille, Lisa felt “betrayed” after seeing Denise Richards, whom she considered as someone who had her back, met up with Brandi for a dinner date.

Upon learning that, Brandi quickly took to her Twitter account to shut down the speculations. “I am NOT LVP’s arch enemy!!That is absolute insanity. Trust & believe that is UNTRUE!!” she wrote on Tuesday. “I adore @DENISE_RICHARDS after meeting her at a dinner party for our mutual agent! NTM 95% of our conversation was not about lvp at all.”

She continued, “Nope @TheRealCamilleG. I don’t buy it! She knows for a fact that I’m a proper f***ing person & that I do the RIGHT thing when I’m suppose to. We may not be friends but I’m not LVP’s #1enemy.”

Seemingly taking a jab at Camille, she wrote in another post, “It’s clear to me that if certain people feel that they are going down they have the need to take everyone down with them. If I had done that the ENTIRE housewives world would be ‘Shook’ . I’m not that person & that’s not how I’m raising my boys.”

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