Brian gets wood in the middle of the bistro in Corrie

Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) nearly spat out the wine he was so liberally necking at the bistro when Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) announced loudly to the entire bistro that he was getting wood. While some may have thought Brian was oversharing – and that Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) might have wanted to get him home – it was just a little lapse of the tongue that oblivious Brian didn’t even notice.

In the latest Coronation Street developments, a collection of the residents were enjoying a wine tasting event – some more than others. As Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) despaired at the drunken behaviour and the endless terrible puns, Brian was taking things even more seriously as he reminded everyone that they had to sniff and savour the wine.

As he took in the aroma of his drink, he exclaimed with joy that ‘he was getting wood’ from it. Blimey, we all like wine but not THAT much Brian.

Okay, perhaps we’re being childish but the comment didn’t escape Imran’s notice. However, he turned out to be even worse behaved as he got sloshed and wandered home with a kebab. Ahead of his appeal hearing of his taxi driving license, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) noticed with dread the state that his solicitor was in.

After Cathy fell from her chair and Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) gave the rowdy group a telling off, Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) took her pal home and then joined Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) for a dinner he prepared. He pointed out that she missed the starter because she was late and he made pointed remarks about her not needing more wine.

After Sally (Sally Dunevor) headed home, controlling Geoff hacked at Yasmeen’s confidence by saying she should sleep things off as she was clearly drunk – he would be sleeping in the spare room. It is just one step in a storyline that will focus on his coercive and gaslighting abuse of Yasmeen, which will erode her self confidence and isolate her from her friends.

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