Brooks Laich Says Wife Julianne Hough Taught Him About True Intimacy: 'She's Vastly More Evolved'

Brooks Laich will have a very special guest on an upcoming episode of his podcast How Men Think: his wife, Julianne Hough.

On Monday, the NHL star, 36, dropped the second episode of his podcast with Gavin DeGraw, during which the stars and their panel of experts opened up about relationships and commitment.

While preparing for an upcoming episode centered around sex and intimacy, Laich said he was “blown away” when he spoke to Hough, 31, whom he wed nearly two years ago, about her take on the topics.

“I was like, ‘What you just said was so eloquent and beautiful that everybody needs to hear it. It can’t just stay between you and I,'” Laich tells PEOPLE of what he told his wife during their conversation. “So she comes on for the episode, and we open up about intimacy in our lives, and sex, and it’s absolutely incredible. It’s the most open and raw we’ve ever been, and I just hope people take stuff from that interview and apply it to their relationship.”

The athlete — who also designs fitness training programs available through his app Open Gym — says he and Hough weren’t afraid to get candid for his podcast in hopes of helping others.

“We have never been so specific, detailed and open about exactly what goes on in our relationship and our respective thoughts and approaches to intimacy and sex,” he says. “We give people our exact specifics, how we create intimacy, why it’s important to us and open up about our sex life.”

Following the conversation on his podcast, Laich realized he had also gained a deeper understanding of his wife, who has been vocal about her struggle with endometriosis. “We have amazing discussions at home, but this was another discussion of learning, growth and understanding of each other. This is an area in my life that I want to learn more, and my wife is vastly more evolved in this area. For her to come on and share … it was just so powerful.”

Celebrating two years of marriage next month, Laich says the couple are still learning about each other — and more in love than ever.

“The first thing I always remember is that my wife is my best friend in the world. I want more for her than I ever want for anybody else, and that includes myself. So if she’s having success or she loves something, I want to support that as much as possible because I want my best friend in the world to have the greatest life,” he says about avoiding jealousy within their marriage.

“I feel like I’ve found my person. I try and keep the big picture in mind at all points that this is my best friend in the world,” he adds. “And I believe she does the same for me.”

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