‘Buy into this nonsense?’ Matthew Wright fumes ’its a myth Royal Family bring in money’

Royal Family: Buying into it is 'nonsense' says Wright

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On Thursday’s This Morning, hosts Josie Gibson and Phillip Schofield were back to present the ITV show. Josie has stepped in to replace Holly Willoughby for the third day in a row as the regular presenter recovers from a stomach bug. At the beginning of the show, Phillip and Josie spoke with Matthew Wright and royal expert Camilla Tominey about Meghan Markle’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres and how the Royal Family are spending Christmas.

However, the segment quickly took a turn when Matthew launched into a rant about how “it’s a myth that the Royal Family bring in money” to the UK.

It came after they discussed how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won’t be spending Christmas with the rest of the Royal Family.

Matthew went on to question what the royals do for the country.

Camilla hit back and said they do a lot of charity work for the Prince’s Trust.

“But where does the money come from?” Matthew interrupted. “It comes from us. We pay for their houses.”

Phillip weighed into the discussion as he pointed out to Camilla that Matthew was questioning what the Royal Family do for the country.

The host went on to ask Matthew about the greater Royal Family and how they help to bring tourism to the UK.

Phillip said: “The royalists will say ‘Look how much money is raised when the tourists can now come back.'”

The presenter continued: “‘How much people come back to see our royal roots, history and the fact their flag might be flying outside Buckingham Palace.

“Isn’t that what they do?”

“Can anyone produce the figure that shows how much money the Royal Family brings into the UK?” Matthew raged.

“I’ve been looking at it for 30 years for it and no such figure exists.”

He added: “It is quoted by royalists but there is no sum.

“America does very well with tourism, they don’t have a Royal Family.

“The idea that the Royal Family brings things in, I think is a myth.

“And if we look at how the Royal Family and how they carry on some of the other allegations that sit against other members of the Royal Family.”

“I am sitting there and thinking ‘why are we doing this? What kind of example?'” Matthew fumed.

“Why do we buy into this nonsense? Move on I think.”

The debate comes after it was revealed Meghan Markle will sit down in an interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Duchess of Sussex will appear on The Ellen Show in her first sit-down interview since her Oprah Winfrey chat.

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