Callum is broken by the death of his first love in EastEnders

It’s been an emotional time for Callum Highway (Tony Clay) in EastEnders as he attended the memorial of his first love – army comrade Chris. It has emerged that, back in his army, Callum was very close to Chris and while both knew that they felt something deeper than friendship, Chris respected Callum’s boundaries and could tell that he wasn’t ready to confront his sexuality.

He had written letters to his sister Vicky detailing his love for Callum and when she arrived in Walford, Callum was heartbroken to hear that Chris had been killed in a car crash. Tonight, he wrestled with his emotions and turned up at the memorial before changing his mind.

It led to an argument with Whitney (Shona McGarty), who had believed he was having an affair with Whitney. When she found out his friend from the army was dead, she comforted Callum and he was later drawn back to pay his final respects, where he opened up to Vicky.

He admitted to her that he was the one that Chris was speaking about in the letters. Vicky greeted him warmly and told him that he had nothing to apologise for – she also gave him the letters and Chris’ beret.

As Callum hopelessly said with forced enthusiasm that he was getting married to a human, Vicky’s expression said it all as she knew, possibly even moreso than Callum, that he isn’t doing the right thing.

As she left, she implored him never to forget Chris and as Callum was left alone with his thoughts, he dissolved into tears, wishing that he could turn back time and let Chris know what his true feelings were.

Having been given food for thought by the tragedy, will Callum make a big decision about his future – and come clean to Whitney, and himself, that he is gay?

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