Carl Lentz 'using every resource to land TV deal but no execs will take his calls' after fired pastor's cheating scandal

CARL Lentz is “using every resource he has left” to land his own TV deal after being fired from Hillsong Church when his explosive cheating scandal was exposed. 

Two months after he lost his job, the former pastor is attempting to transition into the entertainment industry to “rebuild his image,” a source close to Carl exclusively told The Sun.

The ex senior church leader reportedly sought help for a month at a center due to his “mental health” and now, is prioritizing his professional life. 

“Carl’s main focus right now is his career,” an insider close to the father-of-three said. 

The source continued: “He knew he had to seek help and now that he has he wants to use all of the attention he’s received to boost his career. 

“His name is bigger than ever and he knows that. He’s trying to use that for his advantage.”

The informant revealed that Carl is “using every source he has left to get his own TV show to rebuild his image.” 

“He has one or two heavyweights in his corner but for the most part, everyone has abandoned him and no one has been willing to help him. 

“He’s reached out himself to producers and studio execs trying to see who will bite. So far, no one wants to touch him,” the insider added. 

A rep for Carl was not immediately available for comment when contacted by The Sun. 

Since both Carl and wife Laura Lentz lost their jobs at Hillsong following his cheating scandal, the family moved from New York City to Los Angeles with their three children. 

In December, The Sun exclusively revealed that movie mogul Tyler Perry paid nearly $100,000 to house the Lentz family in a luxury beach home.

Following the family’s cross-country move, the “fame-hungry” former pastor has tried to pursue a career in showbiz. 

Multiple insiders close to Carl, 42, have confirmed he’s motivated by “fame and money.”

The informant said: “He will continue to milk it for as long as he can because he knows nothing can be done about the damage he’s caused his reputation at the church. 

"So instead, he wants to use this as an opportunity to advance his career in other ways and become the big star he thinks he is.”

The insider said the father-of-three’s “dream” is to have “a faith-based Netflix series” however, the streaming platform has “not yet taken a meeting with him. 

“Carl’s also gunning for a reality TV show but has not come close to making that happen yet." 

“He was counting on some of his famous friends to help him with this in LA but after this cheating scandal, no one will take his calls,” it was said of his future professional plans.

A separate source added that Justin Bieber’s ex-mentor was “working on a few projects on the West Coast before moving to LA, including TV concepts.”

While another insider alleged he will: “likely also hit the speaking circuit and do some TV stuff after laying low for a while, money and fame are his motivators.”

The “rockstar pastor,” as he has been referred to in the past, is no stranger to the limelight as he has garnered a wave of media attention over the years. 

Carl has gone on TV shows such as The View, Comedy Central and did a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey about his personal life. 

He has also been pictured over the years on numerous red carpets and boasts about his famous pals on social media. 

In November,  The Sun exclusively spoke to Ranin, a 34-year-old designer from New York City who opened up about dating the married church leader for over five months.

Hillsong announced days before the famous Christian figure was no longer a member of the church due to “moral failures” and “breach of trust.”

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