Changing Rooms viewers outraged over Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s unusual makeover

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Changing Rooms viewers have spoken out against interiors legend Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's latest bedroom makeover.

During the last episode of the season on Wednesday (September 14), Laurence shared his impressive and creative flare with another lucky couple.

However, some of the Channel 4 viewers who were watching from home thought otherwise, as they doubted his decision to make the ceiling orange.

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One fan wrote: "orange ceiling? #changingrooms"

A second added: "Orange on the ceiling #changingrooms"

While a third penned: "Mmmmm orange bedroom ceiling ….just what you need to relax #Changingrooms"

"Orange pink & red on a ceiling. Sounds magnificent #changingrooms" a fourth shared.

A fifth put: "Hey up they are off again. Red Orange Ceilings #changingrooms"

"Wtf do they have to wangle orange into everything? #ChangingRooms" shared a sixth.

Another posted: "The blue lounge didn’t look too bad."

"The ceiling in Lawrence’s bedroom, however… nice to see, but to wake up to, every morning, day after day? Not so much!" one viewer ranted.

Another watcher remarked: "Looks like Michael J Fox painted that ceiling on changing rooms #ChangingRooms"

Whereas, another put: "It’s not bad actually but that f***ing mirror and that ceiling need to go #changingrooms"

Another added: "I would legit burn my house down if Laurence did that to my room #changingrooms"

One viewer complemented the icon and said: "Laurence's ceiling is actually decent TBF #ChangingRooms"

Though another quipped: "Laurence taking the piss with the colours as per! #changingrooms"

Luckily for the couple, they loved their new boudoir look and reminisced about their time in an Italian hotel when seeing it for the first time.

This put their neighbours' minds at ease, as the two couples did each other's homes up with the help of the Channel 4 professionals.

Fortunately for the designers and the contestants, both couples ended up seemingly happy with their finished results.

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