Charlotte Dawson reveals baby scare after hospital visit as unborn son stopped kicking for 48 hours

CHARLOTTE Dawson was left panicked after her unborn son stopped kicking for 48 hours following a pregnancy diabetes diagnosis.

The reality star, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Matthew Sarsfield, revealed her baby scare in a video on Instagram yesterday.

Charlotte, 28, was rushed to hospital on Saturday night – just one day after being diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes.

While in hospital, the former Ex On The Beach star was given a scan by concerned doctors after her baby had stopped kicking for 48 hours.

Thankfully, her baby son's heartbeat was "normal".

Sharing the news on Instagram, Charlotte said: "My darlings I had a little mini scare… I've had such a smooth run pregnancy thought it was too good to be true… well apart from being soooo drained & tired. Well this explains why I have been!! 

"I got a phone call saying I've got diabetes and it was really high my result, which has knocked me."

Charlotte's dad Les, who is one of Britain's most treasured comedians, also suffered from diabetes.

She added: "I know people will be like.. 'well your diet is horrendous you live off chips & gravehhh'.. yes my diet isn't the best, but I have been trying! 

"With my homemade soups smoothies etc but my nurse said it's not bad diet that brings it on, but I have to cut junk out now. Which is terrifying but anything for my baby boyo.. I'm just scared. 

"I have no other words, petrified of needles.. having to jab myself 4 times a day is sooo scary."

Charlotte continued: "Matthew and I were so upset, we thought the worst.. as long as our little man is ok! 

"Some people may think it's nothing but did upset me… I went to hospital today & they were so lovely, said it's the pregnancy diabetes but I have to be so careful because I could end up with it full time quite bad."

The star went on to explain that she was "relieved" after doctors detected her baby's heartbeat.

Charlotte went on: "The relief I had tonight knowing his heartbeat was normal and he was OK… I can't stress how important it is to be better safe than sorry getting monitored.

"I was so scared not feeling him kick and moving, I thought, 'am I overreacting going?' But it's not, it's so serious but turns out he is completely fine.. thanks to going to the hospital.

"If any of my other prego birds are feeling the same please go get checked and nothing better than putting your mind at rest."

Back in August, Charlotte revealed her baby's due date is January 25 – just a week before her late dad Les' 90th birthday.

The emotional star shared her unborn child's personalised babygrow along with three scans.

She wrote: "Baby DawsySarsy due January 25th 💖 a week before my dadas 90th birthday… 😭

"Been in tears crying looking at my scan pictures how can you love someone so much already it’s crazy!!"

Comedian Les, 62, dropped dead in front of his wife from a heart attack at a routine hospital appointment in 1993.

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