‘Come on!’ Bradley Walsh vents frustration after player fails to answer a single question

The Chase: Bradley urges contestant to get a correct answer

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During Tuesday’s instalment of The Chase, ITV host Bradley Walsh welcomed four more contestants to the quiz show. Players Lynn, Tammy, Johnny and Arthur teamed up together as they each took on The Chaser, Shaun Wallace. Despite Lynn getting off to a great start, winning £8,000 for the team, poor Tammy didn’t manage to win a single penny in the quick-fire round – and it didn’t get much better when she went head-to-head with Shaun aka the Dark Destroyer.

Before Tammy had even begun answering her quick-fire questions, she stunned host Bradley when she told him she was just there for the experience and would be happy if she walked away with nothing.

“If you were to win some money today, what would you do with it?” Bradley asked.

Tammy replied: “Well, I’ve just enjoyed the whole experience so if I come away without anything, that’s fine.”

“The whole experience of today?” a baffled Bradley asked to which she continued: “Yeah, it’s been great fun.”

“Really?” the host asked again. “We haven’t even started yet. The day is young.”

Tammy’s quick-fire round really didn’t go as planned as she either passed or failed to answer a single question correctly.

“Right, no time left,” a frustrated Bradley said afterwards. “You’ve just gone, pass, pass, pass. There’s about four there you knew.”

When it came to facing the Chaser, Shaun offered Tammy either minus £1,000 or a staggering £50,000.

After speaking with her teammates, Tammy decided to go with the lower offer of minus £1,000.

But Tammy’s luck during the game didn’t get any better when she thought the Olympic games took place in Berlin during the Second World War.

Tammy opted for four years regarding the question about when the Olympic games took place, although as soon her answer came up, Bradley sharply drew a breath hinting to her that she’d made a mistake.

As the round continued, the ITV host appeared to get more frustrated with Tammy after she failed to answer any questions correctly.

“We’ve got to start getting some right, Tammy come on,” Bradley warned as he pleaded: “Oh, come on Tammy, please get it.”


In the end, Tammy’s time on the show came to an end after Shaun easily beat her.

Things didn’t go well for Johnny either as he was beaten by The Chaser during his turn.

Despite taking a minus of £1,000, Arthur only just managed to get through his round of questions against Shaun.

He and Lynn then tried to answer as many questions as they could in the final round.

The duo managed to answer 12 questions right in the time they were given.




Turning to Bradley when their time was up, Arthur noted: “That’s not very good, is it?”

Shaun didn’t have the best final round either after he stumbled on a few of the questions.

It was a very tense final as The Chaser had six questions to answer, with less than one minute left on the clock.

Although, in the end, Arthur and Lynn walked away with nothing after Shaun answered all 12 questions correctly, with only 20 seconds to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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