Coronation Street viewers spot blunder in Summer Spellman kidnapping

Coronation Street: Summer Spellman locked in room by Mike

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Last Friday, Coronation Street viewers watched as Summer (Harriet Bibby) threatened to expose Mike’s (Tom Lorcan) secret baby to his wife Ester (Vanessa Hehir). In a frantic panic, he decided to kidnap her in his home and keep her in a locked room without any food, water or insulin. However, many viewers spotted a blunder in the storyline during Monday’s episode.

In the recent instalment of Coronation Street, the episode continues to show Summer pleading with Mike to let her out as her glucose levels continue to drop.

Realising his mistake, Mike grew concerned she’d go to the police if he let her out and was worried she’d also expose his secret lovechild to Ester.

While locked in the nursery, her boyfriend Aaron (James Craven) realised Summer was missing and headed around to Mike’s to see if he’d seen her.

Although he was nervous when speaking to the teen, the kidnapper made up a lie that she was out with Ester shopping, all the while she remained upstairs completely silent.

As Aaron walked away from the house to answer a phone call, viewers saw Summer appear at the window narrowly missing her chance of being seen and saved.

However, many fans watching were quick to point out a series of blunders in the storyline with Summer having many opportunities to escape.

Taking to Twitter, KimberleyW1983 said: “There was like, a MILLION things in that room that Summer could’ve smashed the window with [sic] #corrie”

Conormckenna101 added: “Summer banging the window and yelling and all of a sudden when someone’s actually outside, SILENCE [sic]”

ACNHIsland2020 commented: “Why doesn’t summer just, you know, smash the window?


Dee_Cee95x slammed: “Just smash the window through with one of the many items in the room Summer…#Corrie”

Bufferb2012 said: “She’s in a front bedroom with a huge glass window #ridiculous #corrie let’s hope she doesn’t get her insulin.”

With Twitter user I_am_KenBarlow adding: “#Corrie There’s tons of stuff in that room that Summer could smash the window with.”

In the episode, Summer ended up fainting after Mike refused to give her her insulin as Ester walked in on the unconscious teen.

Taking her to the hospital, the duo panicked and gave a false name to the doctor as they fibbed that they didn’t know her.

However, things got complicated when Summer’s dad Billy Mayhew arrived with her boyfriend at the hospital after finding out she’d collapsed.

Finding out Ester and Mike had given false identities, questions started to rise as Billy questioned how Summer ended up in such a bad way.

While a tense conversation started, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) stormed in and shed some light on the situation, as he revealed to Ester that Summer had met with Ava, the woman he’d had an affair with years ago.

He also confessed that she met a little boy called Connor, who was Mike’s estranged son.

Shocked and upset at the revelation, Ester told Billy, Aaron and Todd that the reason Summer was in the hospital was due to Mike locking her in the nursery as she highlighted the teen could have died before storming out.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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