Corrie’s Fiz ‘in danger’ as fans twig harrowing Pat Phelan link to new house

Coronation Street's Fiz Stape could be in more danger than she has been since marrying serial killer John Stape, at least where fans are concerned.

Worried viewers are now convinced they’ve spotted a harrowing twist about the house Fiz recently moved into with her new beau Phill, after separating from fiancé Tyrone Dobbs.

But Fiz might soon be wishing she’d stayed with Tyrone after all despite his affair with Alina Pop, because fans now think the house she’s moved into was owned by the notorious murderer Pat Phelan.

Even creepier, they think it’s the same location Pat held Andy Carver hostage for months before finally killing him – adding him to a long list of victims including Michael Rodwell, Luke Britton and Vinny Ashford.

Fans were stunned at the time when Andy – who was presumed dead already – showed up with a full beard, held hostage in a grotty basement with nothing but a mattress and chains securing him to the wall to keep him company.

Despite numerous escape attempts, Pat finally killed him before he could get away.

Taking to Facebook, fans have predicted danger for Fiz – just days after Phill’s connection to another infamous serial killer, John Stape, was confirmed by spoilers.

One of Phill’s pals is the very lawyer who prosecuted Fiz when she was accused of conspiracy to murder – though she was eventually freed after an appeal.

An eagle-eyed fan said on Facebook: “Corrie – Fiz’s house, was that the house Phelan was working on and where he kept Andy tied up and as a hostage?”

Another theorised: “I thought it was the same house as John Stape held Rosie Webster hostage – plus Rosie is coming back!”

Someone else couldn’t help joking: “Maybe it’s their go to house for hostage situations, doesn’t bode well for Fiz!”

“You know, I thought I recognised that house!” a fourth fan chimed in, while someone else said: “Now you say that I think it could be! Spooky!”

Someone else said: “Maybe Phill’s dark secret is he’s connected to Phelan…”

It comes after behind-the-scenes pictures confirmed drama at the new house, as Hope Stape crashes a digger into Phill’s car – with an onlooker to the scenes confirming: “Phill pleads with Hope to stop what she’s doing, but she ignores him and it’s his car that suffers!”

Hope, played by Isabelle Flanagan, hops into the digger in her pyjamas, determined to ruin her mum’s newfound happiness with Phill.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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