Countryfile fans rage fuming watching this over chicken segment

Countryfile presenters Matt Baker and Anita Rani were back on Sunday night where they met volunteers doing conservation work on the River Wye, including creating a 30-acre wetland to harbour some of the river’s most cherished wildlife. Meanwhile, Adam Henson met the farmer trying to do his bit to save the river, while Tom Heap investigated why the Wye has been allowed to decline close to the point of being declared ecologically dead.

However, one segment left viewers fuming when Adam discussed how chicken waste was one of the causes of polluting the river.

He later spoke with a farmer called Tony about how he was doing his part to try and prevent the pollution.

The presenter began: “Phosphates aren’t the only pollutant present on farms, and this work has to go hand in hand with good landscape management that can reduce river pollution from both chemical and biological sources.

“And Tony’s farm shows how it can be done, over 50 years, he’s completely reshaped his farm to manage agricultural runoff, replanting hedges and keeping farming away from the riverbanks allowing nature to help keep pollution in check.”

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