David Baddiel’s fear he’ll be murdered by vile Holocaust deniers

David Baddiel has admitted that he fears being murdered by Holocaust deniers, as he spoke about his new BBC documentary.

Confronting Holocaust Denial With David Baddiel takes him to former Nazi death camps to meet a survivor.

But the comedian, 55, is faced with a personal challenge as it also puts him face to face with a Holocaust denier – something that tugs on David's heartstrings even more after his grandparents fled the Nazis in 1939.

David opened up about what that meeting is like for him – and being Jewish himself, he admitted he's terrified of what might happen to him.

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He told Mail on Sunday: "I wanted to be very upfront about how much I didn't want to meet a Holocaust denier.

"There were a lot of emotions in meeting him. I was very angry at bits of that interview and very exhausted after talking to him for a long time, three hours or more, with him saying unbelievably offensive things. I was like: 'What the f**k am I doing here?'"

And despite it being 75 years since Auschwitz was liberated, there are still people who believe that the Holocaust- which claimed approximately six million Jewish lives – is a hoax.

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David said: "I have had various chats with security people about it all. This programme will certainly lead to a lot of online abuse.

"One can only hope it will not lead to anyone actually threatening me in real life.

"The programme is an exploratory essay about where we are, it doesn't offer actual answers. What can I say? I very much hope that no one kills me as a result of it."

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And after admitting he's nervous for the potential abuse the documentary might attract, David recalled a horrific incident which sparked his worries.

He said: "Someone was killed. It’s in the programme. A security guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington was killed by an 88-year-old man.

"The guard was trying to help him inside, but then the old man just shot him. He was a Holocaust denier. It’s so extraordinary.

"He was so furious that there was a museum to the Holocaust."

And while he's scared of the worst, David refuses to back down.

"Everyone is frightened on Twitter of being told that they've got it wrong. That is a different type of fear to this, which is: are you going to be killed by a lunatic? I take it seriously.

"It is in the mix of my fears, but so far I have not let it stop me saying stuff."

  • Confronting Holocaust Denial With David Baddiel will air later this month on BBC2

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