Death in Paradise star Don Warrington details filming issue on BBC drama

Don Warrington on the behind the scenes of 'Death In Paradise'

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Death in Paradise actors Tahj Miles and Don Warrington were welcomed onto BBC Breakfast on Monday morning to chat about the upcoming Christmas episode of the hit drama series. The duo spoke to presenters Dan Walker and Sally Nugent about the popularity of the show. However, when asked if it was fun to film the drama on a Caribbean island, Don confessed he found some aspects of filming quite challenging.

Dan spoke to the actors about what he enjoys about Death in Paradise, sharing his thoughts on why the show has been so successful.

He commented: “There’s great humour in there and there’s great fun and the characters are so endearing.

“I think that’s why people love it isn’t it?” the BBC Breakfast presenter added.

Don agreed: “I think so. I think it’s got that perfect balance between the characters and also related to the story.

“I think that it’s chemistry. You know, if you get it all right then you make something that people want to watch and I think we’ve managed that.”

Sally chimed in: “When you say chemistry, please tell us it is as much fun to film as it is for us to watch.”

“Don’t tell us you don’t all get on!” Dan joked.

“Are you having a lovely time is what I’m asking?” Sally said.

Don replied: “I’d love to tell you we were having a lovely time, I really would, but…”

“Stop!” Sally exclaimed, joking that she didn’t want to hear anymore.

“Yes, probably best,” Don said, causing the presenter to burst out laughing.

However, the actor continued explaining a challenge he faced while filming the show.

Don highlighted a problem with filming on a Caribbean island: “It’s great, but also it’s very hot.

“I know sitting here in Manchester in December talking about complaining about the heat is not a great idea.

“But, the fact is, what I wear is really, really, really hot,” he explained.

“You have a really hard time dealing with it,” Tahj agreed.

Referencing a photo from the upcoming Christmas special, Dan pointed out Don didn’t have an easy time when it came to hot costumes.

The presenter laughed: “I like the idea that you get to change from your normal commissioners outfit which is quite a few layers and then they put you in a Father Christmas suit as well.”

“Yeah, they like me in that way. They want to keep it interesting for me,” Don remarked.

The Death in Paradise 2021 Christmas special will air December 26 at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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