Denise Welch spends 63rd birthday in hospital with sick dad after breaking down over his suffering

DENISE Welch is spending her birthday at her sick dad’s bedside in hospital as he continues to recover following gallbladder removal surgery.

The Loose Women star, who turns 63 today, broke down in tears live on TV earlier this week discussing her dad Vin and has now shed some more light on the situation.

Sadly her birthday also marks the anniversary of her mum’s death, which she revealed in a lengthy and heartfelt post today as she discussed her mental health during this difficult time. 

The emotional star wrote: “So today I’m 63. But although things are tough at the minute I feel physically and mentally stronger than I have for years. 

“I’ve never been so busy work wise, I’m looking after myself, exercising regularly and have been 20 months without a visit from ‘the unwelcome visitor’, the longest in 32 yrs without a major depressive episode. I don’t know what the reason is to be honest but I’m just very grateful.

“But of course today May 22nd is also the anniversary of my mum Annie’s death so it’s always bittersweet. I miss her every day and would love her to have lived to have seen how my sobriety has changed my life and the lives of those who love me. I also wish she’d known Lincoln and known that he would look after me and keep me safe.”

Denise continued: “To those asking after our dad, the legend that is Vin Welch, thank you. After months of no appetite and extreme weight loss, he has had complications after very difficult gallbladder removal surgery and has been very poorly indeed. But he is the most amazing man and is slowly making his comeback. 

“I’m spending my birthday today with him in hospital and will tell him about all the love for him that has poured in. He’s had postoperative delirium which I’d never heard of before and is more common than I thought and I’m looking further into. It’s been a tough few weeks for my family but I’m grateful for them all.”

She added: “I must also today send so much love to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the Manchester arena bombing 4 yrs ago today and those who are still living with the mental scars.”

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